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Payments Resource Hub

Being a true partner in payments means sharing our insights and expertise. To help you make informed decisions and stay on top of the latest technologies and trends, we’ve created a library of valuable information. You’ll find everything from short Payments 101 videos to market research and detailed insights from our in-house experts on the future of electronic payments. If you have questions for us, please fill out the form below.


Payments Insights

WEX-sourced research and podcasts that delve into the thoughts, trends and innovations anticipated in the payments market.

Finding New Revenues

VP Dylan Jones explores new streams of revenue that can come from modernizing payments

Jay Dearborn Master Class

See why Jay Dearborn says B2B Payments has reached its tipping point.

The Digital Payments Tipping Point

Insights on payments and the pandemic based on a survey of financial and technology companies. AR Innovations Lag

SVP Mark Aquilina discusses why AR innovations lag behind AP advances for B2B payments.


Payments 101 Videos

Learn more about payments from simple FAQs such as what is a PCard to more complex ideas like tokenization.

What is a T&E Card?

Explore how T&E cards help both employees and employers with expense tracking

What is PCI DSS?

What is PCI DSS and why is this strange acronym critical to preventing identity theft

What is a Payment Gateway?

Explore how a payment gateway helps merchants and ecommerce businesses accept electronic payments

What is a Card Scheme or Network?

Learn the role of card networks like Mastercard and Visa in traditional and electronic payments

Who are 4 Players in a Basic Credit Transaction?

Review the basic roles of merchant, issuer, acquirer and network in a card payment transaction

What is Tokenization?

Learn what a token is and how tokenization works to keep electronic payments secure

What is a Virtual Card?

What are virtual card numbers and why are these electronic payments so secure? Find out here

What is a PCard?

Find out what a PCard or Purchasing Card can do and why businesses rely on them

What is Straight Through Processing?

Straight Through Processing of electronic payments explained in under 20 seconds

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