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Trucking fleet cards

Learn new payment solutions to help your trucking fleet with integrated fuel cards, fleet management tools, and accelerated cash flow.

Accepting locations

Find accepting locations near you for WEX fleet cards - accepted at 95% of U.S. gas stations, and 45,000 service centers - anywhere you need to go!

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith is President and CEO at WEX Inc. Learn more about Melissa.

Sachin Dhawan

Sachin Dhawan is Chief Technology Officer at WEX Inc. Learn more about Sachin.

Jay Dearborn

Jay Dearborn is President, Corporate Payments at WEX Inc. Learn more about Jay.

Hilary Rapkin

Hilary Rapkin is Chief Legal Officer at WEX Inc. Learn more about Hilary.

Melanie Tinto

Melanie Tinto is Chief Human Resources Officer at WEX Inc. Learn more about Melanie.

Robert Deshaies

Robert Deshaies is President, Health at WEX. Learn more about Robert.

WEX businesses

WEX is comprised of three main businesses which provide financial technology solutions to the fleet, corporate payments, and healthcare industries.

Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP)

WEX and UATP have partnered to create PAXVIA—the all-in-one solution for airline, hotel, and car rental payments. With PAXVIA, UATP corporate cardholders can purchase airline, hotel, and car rentals with their UATP card. The solution seamlessly extends the payment capabilities of the card and enables the client to book their travel with their existing travel... Read more »