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Plan now for your 2022 paid summer internship to find a perfect fit for your goals

Two years ago, Michelle Scheuer (pictured right) was a full-time student looking for a flexible, remote internship that would provide meaningful work and take advantage of her experience.  At first, she thought the WEX job posting was too good to be true. Not only could she work at home on a custom schedule and still... Read more »

Five key trends in B2B corporate payments for 2022

Long known for its innovation, the fintech sector will continue to drive transformation and growth in financial services technology in 2022. Within fintech, the B2B payments space – with WEX playing its ongoing pioneering role – is also influencing and enabling business growth across global geographies and nearly every vertical market. CapGemini predicts that the... Read more »

What employers ask when considering outsourcing benefits admin

If you’re an employer, is your in-house benefits administration team struggling to juggle the multitude of complexities behind running a successful benefits administration program? Are you spending too much time and resources trying to keep up to date with compliance changes and providing the technology and services your employees need for a positive benefits experience? ... Read more »

Choosing telemedicine versus urgent care versus the ER

Should I go to urgent care or the Emergency Room?  Is urgent care cheaper than the ER?  What does urgent care treat?  What is telemedicine and when is it the best option?  These are just a handful of common questions associated with health concerns and where to go for treatment. While the severity of one's... Read more »

WEX SPARK event: A must attend event for the benefits industry

WEX SPARK 2022, is coming your way on May 16-18, 2022, at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida. Hosted by WEX’s benefits division, this 15th annual conference event brings industry experts, WEX team members, and WEX partners together to discuss how trends impacting employers, opportunities in the market, and the latest product and program... Read more »

2024 HSA contribution limits increase to $4,150, $8,300

Key takeaways - 2024 HSA contribution limits 2024 HSA contribution limits will increase to $4,150 and $8,300 for self-only and family HSAs, respectively. 2024 HDHP minimum deductible and maximum out-of-pocket limits also are increasing. Health savings account (HSA) contribution limits are on the rise again in 2024. The IRS announced that 2024 HSA contribution limits... Read more »

It’s July. Have you performed an HSA midyear check-in?

Does your health savings account (HSA) have enough funds to carry you through the second half of the year? And, if it does, is there more you could be doing to grow those funds? We’ve broken down how to know if you’re contributing enough to your HSA to cover costs for the entire year and... Read more »

How an HSA is uniquely positioned to help with emergency medical costs

We’re kicking off our open enrollment series this season with the first of two episodes taking a deeper look at health savings account (HSA) participation so you can better understand their capability, since HSAs can be used in so many ways. An unexpected medical situation can happen to anyone at any moment. Jessica Shawn of... Read more »

Day in the life of an intern at WEX

Participating in an internship has become mainstream for college students and some even start their careers post-college with one or two internships before landing their first full-time job. As seen in the charts below companies value recruits who have a few internships under their belt. A recent Fast Company study of students between 2013 and... Read more »

How to choose the right fuel card for your business

Whether you are a small business with a few vehicles or a large operation with hundreds or thousands in your fleet, choosing the right fuel card can mean significant daily, weekly, monthly and yearly savings. Even if your business only purchases a few hundred gallons of fuel per month, you can be eligible for discounts... Read more »