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From deductibles to wellness: Why benefits options matter

Benefits options matter. That's no surprise anymore. Thanks to technology, AI, and more personalization, we’re in a consumer-first age unlike any other. You can watch shows when you want, where you want. When you’re done streaming your favorite series, you’ll be targeted by more shows that align with your viewing habits. Today’s consumer expects options... Read more »

Supplier enablement: Debunking the myths

When you first explore it, trying to achieve genuinely integrated supplier enablement can seem overwhelming. Not only do you have to make sure all your internal processes will integrate with your suppliers (and let’s face it, that sounds a bit cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive) but you also may need to buy additional hardware and software.... Read more »

How building an advisory board adds value to your business 

Advisory boards serve as a point of connection and innovation between your internal stakeholders, customers, and partners. Boards enable a level of cooperation and insight across a number of segments that help you discover, develop, and deploy new products strategically. Here, we’re talking about all things advisory boards including why they are such a valuable... Read more »

How AI is helping us convert to Electric Vehicles (EV)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly and is making its way into almost every industry. And why not? After all, when used thoughtfully, AI solutions have the potential to enable organizations and businesses to achieve better operational efficiencies, measure key performance indicators (KPIs), gain insights into customer beliefs and behaviors, and leverage the power of... Read more »

Embrace a spectrum of abilities with a neurodivergent-inclusive workplace

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, diversity and inclusion has emerged as essential values for organizations seeking to create an environment that celebrates individual differences. Within this conversation, neurodiversity is just coming up. It is estimated that 15%-20% of the world population exhibits some form of neurodivergence.  What is neurodiversity? Diversity efforts can focus on factors... Read more »

Meet a WEXer: Jansen Savic

Jansen Savic is a resilient and thoughtful leader, proven daily in how he works to keep the underlying systems of WEX running smoothly, grows a world-class team, and takes care of his family. A consistent thread of empathy weaves throughout his persona, allowing him to connect to others no matter the distance between their paths... Read more »