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The top 3 benefits employees told us they want education on

October 12, 2023

As an employer, providing a robust employee benefits package is only half the battle. Educating on the value of their benefits and how best to use them is equally important. We recently surveyed nearly 60,000 of our participants. One of the questions we asked: What benefit would you like to learn more about?. In this article, we share the top three benefits they said they would like more education on to help you prepare for your upcoming open enrollment. 

Health savings accounts (HSAs) 

 HSA participants save money by contributing funds to their HSA pre-tax. The funds are then available for use on eligible expenses. While their popularity continues to soar, this was the number one benefit participants said in the survey that they wanted more education on. To effectively educate employees about HSAs, consider the following strategies, keeping in mind their preferred learning methods (which are outlined in the infographic below):

  • Written resources: Provide informative blog posts, handouts, and emails that outline the benefits of HSAs. Ensure these resources highlight the triple-tax savings, long-term investment potential, and portability between jobs that HSAs offer.
  • Video tutorials: Create engaging and informative video content that explains the features and benefits of HSAs. These videos can be made easily accessible through internal platforms or shared on social media channels.
  • Personalized assistance: Offer phone calls or chat-based consultations to address individual questions and provide tailored guidance. 

Lifestyle spending accounts (LSAs) 

LSAs provide employees the flexibility to allocate funds for non-medical expenses, such as wellness programs and educational courses. To educate employees about LSAs and meet their preferred learning methods, consider the following approaches:

  • Email campaigns: Since 30% of employees told us they prefer learning through emails, deliver concise and engaging emails that highlight the versatility of LSAs. Share success stories, relevant articles, and information about eligible expenses to encourage employees to make the most of their LSAs.
  • Blog posts and podcasts: Share blog posts and record podcasts that delve into the value of LSA. These formats can provide in-depth information, testimonials, and expert advice to educate and inspire employees.

LSA eligible expenses

Pet benefits

Pet insurance has gained significant interest among employees. To educate employees about the advantages of pet benefits, consider the following strategies:

  • Written and video content: Combine the power of both written resources and video tutorials to educate employees about pet insurance. Offer informative articles, FAQs, and engaging videos that explain the coverage, benefits, and steps for enrolling in pet insurance. 
  • Personal consultations: For employees with specific questions or concerns, offer one-on-one consultations via phone calls or email.

By understanding the preferred learning methods of your employees and aligning them with comprehensive educational resources, employers can empower their workforce to make informed decisions about their benefits during open enrollment. 

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