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Direct billing administration for employers

  • Simplified payments for participants
  • One easy-to-use platform and mobile app
  • Flexible options and direct participant support

Reduce processing errors and offer a better participant experience

Easy mobile payments

WEX makes it easy for participants to submit a one-time payment, make recurring payments, and more with our mobile app.

Advanced platform

Manage your direct bill payments in the same easy-to-use WEX platform you use to manage consumer-driven health (CDH) benefits.

Participant support

You can count on our expert customer support and library of participant resources to answer any of their questions.

Automated, compliant, and seamless direct bill solution

  • Streamline your workflow. Save time and reduce manual processing – all in one easy-to-use employer portal.
  • Simplify your member experience. Our intuitive, customizable platform makes it easy for participants to submit payments, view their statuses, make open enrollment elections, and get help when they need it.
  • View real-time payments and data. WEX gives you access to all communications and reporting in real-time, and gives participants immediate updates to their account after making a payment.
  • Automate and customize communications. Our direct bill letters are editable, separate, and fully automated to save time and stay in compliance.

A flexible solution to keep participants informed about benefits payments

Print and mail fulfillment

Once WEX is notified of a direct bill participant, our automation kicks in. We mail a welcome letter containing payment coupons and send them instructions on how to access the participant portal.

Premium payments

WEX monitors member activity to ensure payments are made within the required grace period as determined by your plan. WEX also remits premium payments to the employer via ACH deposit or monthly check.


We notify the carrier(s) when we receive premium payments from participants and when a participant’s coverage ends, helping  preserve data accuracy.

benefits SaaS accounts*

(*Represents Q1 2023 average)

HSAs on the WEX benefits platform*

(*as of January 2023)

Fortune 1000 companies on the benefits platform*

(*March 2022 audit)

See how WEX serves businesses like yours

Benefits administration

Outsource all of your benefits administration needs to WEX and access an end-to-end solution to provide great employee benefits.

Brokers and consultants

Help your clients quickly and easily deploy benefits cards, an array of benefits accounts, and more.

HR & benefits technology

Expand your HRIS/HCM, payroll, PEO/HRO, or other human resources solution with the WEX benefits platform.

Third-party benefit administrators

Support HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, VEBAs, LSAs, COBRA, and more with white-label technology that puts your brand first.

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