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Our web and mobile software lets factoring customers streamline accounts payable activities. Drivers and fleet managers can scan, create, send, and submit invoices. Our powerful online portal organizes all your invoices in one place.

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Paper-free invoicing

Take the paper out of the invoicing process. No more scanning, mailing, or overnighting documents—FleetDocs keeps everything in one place.

Powerful desktop portal

The FleetDocs portal organizes your entire invoicing process. Create or upload and electronically submit invoices with supporting documentation for quicker funding. Automatically compile and store supporting documents by load.

Mobile app

Available for iPhone and Android, the app scans invoices and combines multiple pages into single documents. Snap a picture of a BOL; image quality is automatically enhanced so shippers and brokers will accept it. Email invoices or send them directly to the online portal.

Fast & convenient

Save time with FleetDocs. Invoices can be created or uploaded, along with supporting documents from your billing software. You’ll receive high quality compressed documents from your drivers (no more clogged inbox!).

Easy for drivers

No more overnighting documents or hunting for a scanner. Drivers can snap a picture of a BOL or scan an invoice quickly and easily using the FleetDocs app. Documents can be emailed or uploaded directly to the online portal.

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