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You Don’t Have to Wonder What Your Career Path at WEX Will Look Like

September 24, 2018

by Kathryn Connolly

Picture yourself starting a new job as a customer service agent at a large organization. It’s likely this experience will begin with a heavy influx of information, delivered to you over a short period of time. You’ll not only be expected to retain all of that information, but to then hit the ground running soon after. But running toward what? And how long will it take to reach that unknown destination?

At WEX, we invest in our employees’ growth and development from day one. That means we want our new customer service hires to have an onboarding experience that is valuable and tailored to their individual success—and different from the one-size-fits-all training they would likely receive somewhere else. That’s why, when we began reimagining the onboarding and sales training programs that our global customer service teams go through last year, we started by hand-sketching a map.

The goal? Paint a picture of where our employees start—learning the foundation of WEX products and services—and where they might want to go. Whether it’s to inside sales, management, mentorship or somewhere else in the company, our revamped journey maps provide a clear course for employees’ to achieve their professional end goal. That first version didn’t look much like the fantastic one you see pictured here today, but it served as a starting point for the personalized learning plans we’re rolling out to customer service teams across WEX’s lines of business.


Charting Your Own Course at WEX

While WEX has always provided extensive career opportunities for our employees, we started from scratch before building our new learning journey maps. Not only did we introduce Salesforce, a platform that provides tremendous customer insight, but also took a close look at our existing customer service onboarding experience and rebuilt it to be even more engaging, thoughtfully paced and fun. For instance, we’ve peppered the maps with what we call “nesting periods,” breaks of time during which participants go back and practice what they’ve learned with a mentor or coach at their side. We’ve also included more assessments and surveys along the way, so we can ensure customer service representatives are having their needs met and are feeling valued in their work. The resulting learning journey maps enable employees to visualize what lies before them and how their career at WEX might look.

Investing in our people ensures their long-term growth and success, and WEX’s, too. Our redesigned onboarding program provides employees the tailored training they need to improve their skills and reach their goals, no matter where they are in their careers.

Check out our careers page for open sales and customer service roles, and stay tuned for another blog post this fall that profiles the success stories of some WEX employees who started in the contact center and have charted their own career paths through the company.

Kathryn Connolly is WEX’s Manager of Global Sales Training.

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