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Confidence Is The Key To Success In The Travel Industry

August 24, 2016

The UK travel industry is projected to grow over the coming years; however amidst fast changing world events the industry is facing some major challenges which are threatening growth. As a travel company you need to capitalise on growth whilst effectively abating consumer concerns, but how do you do this?

We recently conducted a survey of UK consumers to understand their travel plans and how these are impacted by changing world circumstances. The results of the survey shed light on what it takes to achieve success in today’s travel industry.

Infographic: How To Be Successful In The Travel Industry

Winning the confidence of consumers is vital for any travel business looking to succeed. Consumers need to be confident that…

  • They can afford to travel, this impacts how often they travel and what they plan to spend on travel – to win these consumers you need to be aware of their budgetary needs and ensure you’re prices are attractive
  • The destinations they want to visit are available – to win these consumers you need to anticipate demand and offer the right combination of destinations
  • Their concerns are understood and plans can be adjusted accordingly – to win these consumers you need to offer flexible options to abate concerns

Our infographic, How To Be Successful In The Travel Industry, shows you what consumers are looking for in these key areas.

View the infographic now

Creating Confidence

Consumers must be confident in what they spend, that what they are looking for is available and that their plans are adequately protected.

When customers are confident that you can give them what they are looking for then you have the key elements needed to capitalise on growth opportunities whilst minimising customer concerns – facilitating the success of your travel company.

Our whitepaper, Confidence Is The Key To Success In The Travel Industry, explores the role confidence plays in today’s travel market and explains how choosing the right supplier payment solution and strategy will help you win consumer confidence.

What you will learn

A must read for anyone operating within the travel industry, the whitepaper gives direct insight from consumers into travel plans. It answers these questions and more:

  • How frequently will consumers travel and what will they spend in coming months?
  • Which destinations will prove most popular with consumers?
  • What types of travel are consumers planning?
  • Which factors will have most impact on travel plans?
  • How are these factors impacting what consumers look for and the way they make travel plans?

Download the whitepaper now to learn how to build consumer confidence with the right supplier payment solution and strategy.

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