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Free Download - The HSA Handbook for Every Generation

Free Download: The HSA Handbook for Every Generation

November 7, 2019

During open enrollment and throughout the year, it’s helpful for employers and human resources professionals to know how to talk to their multigenerational workforce about health savings accounts (HSAs). One of the best approaches? Speak directly to each generation’s life circumstances and present-day concerns.

That’s why WEX has created a new e-book, available for download just in time for 2019 open enrollment. “The HSA Handbook for Every Generation” is designed to help you provide tailored support to your entire team in selecting and maximizing an HSA benefit.

Download the e-book to learn about:

    • What defines each generation
    • How HSAs are relevant in their current life stages, and
    • How you can best communicate this information to them with their life stage circumstances in perspective

We also highlight two themes that appear in each generation. Awareness of these common patterns will help you brainstorm benefits communication and follow up in a way that’s simple, repeatable and scalable for your company. (Get ready: The commonalities might surprise you!)

Lastly, we provide additional resources that are sure to increase your knowledge and boost your confidence in navigating the nuances of HSA conversations.

This free e-book is designed to be shared widely, and we encourage you to do so—and with the #LOVEMYHSA hashtag!

Download “The HSA Handbook for Every Generation” here.



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