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Keep Your Fleet on the Road with GPS Vehicle Tracking

June 30, 2016

Managing a company’s fleet of vehicles in addition to focusing on the core business can get complicated. Tracking varying degrees of usage, schedules and potentially managing different parts and service providers at multiple locations makes optimizing uptime even more difficult. Failure to control these factors often leads to spending money instead of making money.

The challenge of protecting your fleet’s uptime can help be resolved through an effective Telematics system with diagnostics capabilities. Telematics with diagnostics integrates by plugging directly into the vehicles OBD-II port. WEX telematics identifies and sends you fault codes to determine the health of your vehicles and optimize uptime. Once you receive the data, fleet managers and business owners can easily generate comprehensive, diagnostics reports, including simple, intuitive data-filled dashboards with graphs and charts that allow managers to improve overall efficiency and performance, while making note of potential risks.

Advantages of Diagnostic reporting from Telematics

Diagnostics from WEX Telematics provides managers with key information to help them make informed decisions that help ensure the longevity and safety of their vehicles including:

  • Vehicle fault codes that allow engine problems to be diagnosed long before they occur
  • Engine hours and locations
  • Excessive hard stops and hard braking, allowing them to take action to enhance efficiency and reduce wear and tear
  • Diagnostic reports detailing failure items in order by event time and date

Equipped with this sort of timely information, fleet managers are better able to maintain their vehicles, reduce vehicle misuse and prevent unforeseen emergencies. The result? A reliable fleet that boosts productivity and reduces downtime.

To learn how you can use fleet tracking to improve your organization’s overall efficiency, contact the WEX telematics team at 866-870-5280.

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