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WEX CEO tapped by Stevie and Globee for multiple awards

November 15, 2023

Melissa Smith has recently been given two awards:

  • Gold as part of the 16th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Women in Business, in the category of Company of the Year | FinTech, related to the recent launch of WEX Venture Capital.
  • Silver as part of the 20th annual 2023 Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, in the category of Female Executive of the Year Award, in the category of business services with more than 2,500 employees.

Smith is the Chair, CEO, and President of WEX, and the galvanizing force that has transformed the company into a global leader in fintech solutions. 

Since joining WEX in 1997, Smith has held a variety of leadership roles, shepherded the company through its IPO, overseen growth in revenue from $818 million to $2.4 billion, and helped fulfill WEX’s purpose of simplifying the business of running a business. Under her leadership, WEX has diversified from a U.S.-based fleet card provider to a global enterprise spanning benefits, corporate payments, and mobility.

Driven to expand opportunities for people, businesses, and communities, Smith is a “win-as-a-team” CEO who frees thinking and inspires action.

In 2022, Smith led WEX to achieve a record annual revenue of $2.4 billion, a year-over-year increase of 27%. 

But it’s not all about profits. Known for her bold but measured decision-making, Smith has integrated cutting-edge technologies, from AI to EV, to transform WEX into a robust global commerce engine. Smith has led WEX to:

  • Establish WEX Venture Capital, a new investment arm with $100 million to invest in early-stage companies focused on the energy transition, including areas such as fleet electrification, the electric vehicle (EV) charging ecosystem, energy management and optimization, and adjacent technology. 
  • Deploy a Consumer Pathways program, aimed at helping business leaders and their covered employees with health savings accounts better understand their accounts’ capabilities. 
  • Achieve global gender pay parity. 
  • Further nurture a diverse, inclusive workforce, establishing WEX’s first diversity, equity, and inclusion program and, as chair of the Board, signed the Parity Pledge, making progress in advancing U.S. employees of color in leadership roles.
  • Launch an en-route charging solution in the United States and Europe, supporting the transition to EVs.
  • Act as an environmental steward, with an approximately 17.4% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions from 2021 to 2022.

About Stevie

“The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business are the world’s premier business awards for female entrepreneurs, executives, employees and the organizations they run.” The Stevies receive more than 12,000 nominations annually from organizations in more than 70 nations, and recognize the achievements of women executives, entrepreneurs, and the organizations they run. The 2023 finalists were determined by a panel of jurists using a scoring system involving more than 200 business professionals globally. 

About Globee

“The Globee Awards were formed to honor organizations of all types and sizes from around the world for their achievements in various business and technology-related categories. The awards were created to provide a platform for recognizing and promoting excellence in industries and sectors that are shaping the future of business.”

If you’re interested in working for a growing and global organization that puts employees first and has a CEO like Melissa Smith at the helm, please visit WEX’s career page.

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