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Winning Customers Online Through Digital Transformation

April 16, 2018

International travel across Europe continues to grow, and with it, the potential for growing your business. But with increased growth comes increased competition from suppliers. In order to take your piece of the remaining online market, you need to understand the data and transform your digital presence to win customers online. WEX has put together this whitepaper to show how transforming back office processes, such as payments, is essential for achieving growth online.

FACT: Half of all European bookings are already online, but there’s still huge opportunity to win customers on mobile. According to Phocuswright 2017 saw a 22% growth in mobile bookings and double digit growth is projected to continue through 2021. Now is the time to win mobile customers over for life.

TIP: Travel companies who invest in making sure their mobile offering is user friendly and offers a frictionless experience, from search to purchase, will have the best chance of winning a share of the predicted mobile growth.

Our whitepaper consolidates relevant and timely data from over a dozen sources to make it easy for you to understand the big picture in the online and mobile travel space. From integration of AI, to the development of one-stop travel platforms, you’ll learn how to create an online and mobile experience that attracts customers to your business.

FACT: Traveler preferences change from year-to-year based on factors such as political stability, terrorism incidents and costs associated with travel to a destination or region. As an example, travel to Turkey decreased 30% from 2015 to 2016 following political and terrorist incidents.

TIP: Your destination inventory needs to be flexible, and so do your payment processes. Using virtual payments can make it easy to offer new destinations quickly and build positive supplier relationships in the most desirable locations.

Learn about the most recent traveler and destination trends for major European travel markets in our  whitepaper. Packed with up-to-date stats, you can get all the most recent data in one place.

FACT: Online penetration in the European tour operator sector is relatively low (Phocuswright reports 30% penetration for 2017).

TIP: Low online penetration makes this an area of opportunity for travel companies who are able to successfully aggregate inventory from suppliers while observing local market circumstances.

Digital transformation of supplier payment processes enables travel companies to take advantage of growth opportunities in segments, such as tour operators and hotels, with quick and easy integration into distribution systems, as well as reliable payments to keep suppliers happy.

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