How to Survive Pothole Season

After a sometimes brutal winter, spring’s warmer weather comes as welcome relief — except for what it does to the road. April is prime pothole season, and every vehicle on the road is a potential victim. While a pothole can form at any time of the year, they really “spring up” after winter. The wear… Read more »

Shiny Happy Fleets

Series of yellow cargo vans

Two things happen in warmer weather. People spend a lot more time outside and on the road, and businesses like pool cleaners, landscapers and pest control are in heavy demand. So it only makes sense that those types of companies should take advantage of having all those potential new customers walking and driving by their… Read more »

How to Train Your Drivers to Handle Bad Weather

Icy Road Sign

The winter is home to many different holidays, family get-togethers and other festive events. However, it is also a time for bad weather. As you well know, your fleet will encounter strong winds, heavy rains, snow and ice all throughout the winter. This can lead to a significant amount of stress for your company, both… Read more »

WEX Announces Fleet Card Contract with Verizon

WEX Inc. has announced a three-year fleet card contract with Verizon, which operates one of the largest private vehicle fleets in the U.S. WEX will provide more than 25,000 fleet cards to Verizon and will provide the communications company with additional insight into its fleet operations using WEX’s proprietary ClearView analytics platform. Bernie Kavanagh, senior… Read more »

How to Stress the Importance of Parking Lot Safety for Drivers

Parking Lot

Fleet managers know that parking lots are full of dangers for vehicles. Unfortunately, your drivers can be quick to forget that potential maintenance problems are lurking between the white lines. This negligence is a big part of why so many auto collisions occur in parking lots. According to a study performed by the Insurance Institute… Read more »