How Could AI Transform Business Travel?

Business Traveler

In a world where Google alerts us to traffic jams and Netflix lets us know when a show we might like has been added, we’ve already come to rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to make our lives easier and more enriching. Each week sees a new advancement, as digital assistants such as Google Home and… Read more »

Bleisure Travelers Find Ways To Have It All

Business leisure (“bleisure”) travelers are getting plenty of attention. This growing segment of the traveling population is included in the WEX and Mastercard Travel Trends 2018 Report on US travelers’ attitudes and preferences, which found nearly 60% of those surveyed extend their business trips. Since one-third of respondents prefer to use vacation time for short… Read more »

3 Benefits Of Using VCNs When Managing Business Travel

Business travel creates unique challenges for travel management companies, corporate travel managers, and travelers alike. For companies who manage hundreds or thousands of bookings each year, the challenges are multiplied. That’s where the use of Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) can make a huge impact on simplifying payments for travel expenses. The biggest advantages of using… Read more »

What Business Travelers Want: Freedom to Book the Way They Want

With an unusually active hurricane season, the US travel ban, and terrorist activity worldwide, 2017 was a corporate travel manager’s nightmare. But while corporate travel managers were focused on the safety of their employees and duty of care, the business travelers themselves had other priorities: freedom and affordability. A recent survey by the GBTA Foundation… Read more »

Three Ways Corporate Travel is Learning from Leisure Travel Technology

Corporate Travel

Corporate travel, at least until recently, has not been known for its innovative technology. While the leisure travel industry has rapidly evolved to make booking travel easy and seamless, corporate travel has lagged behind. As the travel technology gap continues to widen, the result has been that business travelers skirt the established rules and tools… Read more »

Corporate Travel Managers Beware: Your Business Travelers Keep Booking Direct

corporate travel managers beware

Open booking policies are far from the norm for corporate travel policies. While most companies allow for some off-channel booking, they prefer travelers to schedule their flights or stays with preferred suppliers using their corporate travel management or booking system. But it’s getting so much easier for travelers to book directly with suppliers—via websites or… Read more »

The Corporate Travel Manager’s Guide to Bleisure Success

Travel Managers Guide

Plenty of corporate travel managers today are doing more than making room for bleisure travel in their policies—they’re actually encouraging employees to tack some personal days onto business trips. Yet for anyone who is still wondering if enabling employees to mix business with pleasure is akin to awarding “free vacations,”… not so fast. When a… Read more »

Sharing Economy Continues to Shape Business Travel

business sharing economy

Whether an employee takes a ride-share to the company’s holiday party across town or books a home-share for a trip across the country, he or she demonstrating his or her preference for alternative travel accommodations. A corporate traveler may opt for sharing services as a way to save money or to meet a more personal… Read more »

Common US and Europe Corporate Travel Trends and Notable Differences

US and Europe Trends

If asked to describe today’s corporate traveler, most people would probably say something along the lines of, “a professional-looking man or woman holding a mobile device, briefcase in tow, stepping out of a taxi (or ride-sharing vehicle) on route to a business meeting.” That’s a fair enough generalization, regardless of whether said professional is in… Read more »

Helping Hands: Robots in the Travel Industry

They’re cute. They work hard to delight customers. And they don’t require any employee benefits. The newest workers on the payroll—well, not exactly—are robots. Today’s travelers can find them on the scene, carrying luggage, providing directions, mixing drinks, and more. They’re quite literally changing the face of customer service in the travel industry. Are Travelers… Read more »