UK Travelers In For The Long Haul

WEX Travelers

Uncertainty around the Brexit referendum led to many predictions of its impact on UK travelers. Since that historic 2016 vote, outbound travel has increased, and Travolution recently reported long-haul travel increased 50% from the UK. They note “passenger numbers to all destinations are up 6%, buoyed by increases to long-haul destinations, including the Americas, up… Read more »

French Travel Market Set For A Rebound

French Coastline

2016 was a tough year for the French travel market; terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice, as well as slow economic growth, discouraged travelers from near and far. According to Phocuswright’s French Online Travel Overview, international arrivals were down 8% and Paris hotel nights were down 10% in 2016. Since then, however, there’s been a… Read more »

Online Booking Habits of US Travelers

In this second post looking in detail at the Mastercard and WEX 2018 Travel Trends report, we take a look at US travelers’ booking behavior and preferences. The survey of 1,500 American travelers ranging in age from 18 to 70, found that, typically, 67% of respondents book their travel online with 73% of Gen Z… Read more »

Winning Customers Online Through Digital Transformation

Young Traveler

International travel across Europe continues to grow, and with it, the potential for growing your business. But with increased growth comes increased competition from suppliers. In order to take your piece of the remaining online market, you need to understand the data and transform your digital presence to win customers online. WEX has put together… Read more »

Extreme Weather & Changing Travel Patterns Require Flexibility

Extreme Weather

Climate and weather are key factors when deciding where to visit, what to do while you’re there, how much you’ll enjoy the trip, and sometimes, how safe you’ll be. When booking a trip, tourists plan for a destination’s general climate, but during their trip they’ll be affected by the specific weather at that time, which… Read more »

Generational Travel Differences: 4 Insights And 4 Surprises

generational travel differences

We’ve all read about the generational cohorts and the characteristics of each – from the tech-challenged baby boomers, to the self-reliant Gen Xers, to the social media savvy millennials. But are these generalizations actually true? And how can travel companies use this knowledge to their advantage? A number of recent studies have delved into the travel habits… Read more »

Want More Booking Than Looking? Make An Impression Early and Often

Consumer Travel Planning

Data is readily available about consumers’ travel habits by age group or geographic area. A simple Google search shows us the hottest destinations right now. But, what many of us want to better understand is: what compels someone to go from looking to booking? McKinsey & Company’s consumer decision journey came about as an alternative… Read more »

Blurring Lines Between Full-Service And Low-Cost Carriers

Airplane on Tarmac

Delta, American and United are selling basic no-frills seats. Budget airlines are moving into major hubs and selling add-on services. What’s happening with the airline industry? In “2017 Commercial Aviation Trends” Jonathan Ketzel and Bryan Terry report, “The once clear-cut competitive landscape in the commercial airline industry continues to evolve. Low-cost carriers (LCCs) and ultra-low-cost… Read more »

Spain Reigns But Greece Is The Word For British Travellers


Our recent whitepaper “The State of International Travel” revealed that despite the impending Brexit and ongoing security concerns, British travellers continue to enjoy foreign travel, taking almost 71 million trips in 2016, up 8% on the previous year according to the Office For National Statistics, and this growth appears to be continuing. Spain has continued… Read more »

Italian Travel Market Adapts To Changing Traveler Demands


Despite challenging conditions the Italian travel market looks set to see growth in the coming years – Phocuswright forecast that the market will grow steadily by 3-4% annually to reach €25 billion by 2020. In its Industry Vision Travel & Hospitality report, the Italian Exhibition Group reported that the Italian tourism industry is optimistic towards… Read more »