WEX SVP of Corporate Development Highlighted in The Glass Hammer

Nikola Morris Glass Hammer

Whether in business or in life, relationship building and networking can be two of the most important drivers of growth. But something that few consider, especially early on in their careers, is that those atop the leadership chain have been young, driven, and in need of advice once as well, and often, these executives want… Read more »

Three Takeaways from the State of International Payments Report

International Payments

Businesses are operating in an increasingly globalized economy. Thanks to improvements in technology, and logistics, and greater demand for products and services internationally, businesses and consumers are sending more money than ever to sellers abroad. However, this poses challenges and opportunities, as much of the international payments world faces a disjointed, slow, and often painful… Read more »

Healthy Retirement Savings Start with HSAs

CNBC Jeff Young

Health Savings Accounts have changed the way that employees and employers look at healthcare. Allowing employees with certain high-deductible health plans to set aside money tax free for healthcare costs, these accounts could have a bigger role in 2017 and beyond, as the incoming administration hopes to make changes that could expand access to and… Read more »

SMB Payments Move in Digital Directions

SMB Payments

It’s fair to make the generalization that every company, regardless of size, is interested in speeding up operations and maximizing cash flow. The AP organization is a great place to look for improvements. Bottom-line business performance today is impacted by an organizations’ ability to respond to customers’ needs—and that requires maintaining smooth, increasingly data-driven operations… Read more »

WEX Annual Wrap-Up: Our Top Blogs and Top News

The end of the year is upon us. As we wrap up for the year and look forward to 2017, it’s important to look back on what brought us to where we are. This is why we would like to present to you a very special WEX Wrap-Up, this one highlighting the most popular posts… Read more »