Insurance Payments and the IoT

insurance payments IoT

What do a smart refrigerator and an insurance payment have in common? More than you might think, considering the evolution of connected device technology. They’re both part of the Internet of Things (IoT)—yes, even the insurance payment. The IoT’s potential impact on business operations and consumer shopping behaviors is spurring innovations where you might least… Read more »

How Media Agencies Can Evolve Their Business Practices in 2017

media agency VCN

In 2015, the media agencies world saw over $30 billion up for grabs from the largest brands in the world. While 2016 has been much quieter than 2015’s “Mediapalooza,” 2017 could be another story, as a great deal of advertisers signed one-year contracts while they waited for the results of the ANA Media Transparency Report… Read more »

Building a Future-Forward AP Team, Part 2: Focus on Talent

AP part 2

The capabilities brought to your organization by your AP team can make a big impact on your company’s ability to meet goals today and into the future. Good thing that with the right insights and know-how, preparing for tomorrow can start today. In Building a Future-Forward AP Team, Part 1: Assessing Your Needs, we explore… Read more »

Building a Future-Forward AP Team, Part 1: Assessing Your Needs

AP Team

Ready to get more productive and better support the strategic direction of your organization? Rounding the corner toward 2017 is an excellent time to take stock of your AP department’s current capabilities and assess what skill sets or competencies might be missing. Fortifying your team to meet future needs can start today if you put… Read more »

5 Areas of Growth for B2B PayTech Companies


Corporate payments have been on a slow but steady journey toward digitization. While most business-to-business payments organizations haven’t adopted a complete end-to-end electronic payments process, pieces of the digital puzzle are being put together, thanks largely to innovative payments solutions from FinTech companies. They’re enabling changes in the way businesses make payments while simultaneously driving… Read more »