Consumer and Merchant Acceptance of Mobile Wallets Continues to Rise

mobile wallet

Juniper Research envisions that total global mobile wallet transactions will reach $1.35 trillion in 2017, up 32% from last year’s $1.02 trillion. This growth continues to be spurred by both consumer and merchant acceptance of the digital payment option, as both players become more comfortable with the technology and begin to see its impact on… Read more »

Driving P2P Value? First Stop: Get Procurement and Finance on the Same Track

procure to pay

Today’s Procure-to-Pay (P2P) technology is making it easier for procurement and finance and accounting departments to share the strategic responsibility of optimizing processes and managing costs. But first things first. Successfully adopting a P2P solution—resulting in end-to-end value—requires a tight alignment between the two functional areas. If procurement and finance are not starting out on… Read more »

WEX’s Renata Caine Featured in The Glass Hammer

renata caine

“I used to think that showing weakness was a sign of inexperience, but by focusing on my confidence I can see that failure is a part of every professional.” These words  opened the conversation between leading career resource for women The Glass Hammer and our very own Renata Caine, Vice President, Virtual Payments here at… Read more »

Meeting B2B Ecommerce Buyer Needs

Ecommerce b2b at WEX

The business to business (B2B) landscape is a hot topic—and with good reason. With double-digit annual growth, B2B ecommerce sales are forecasted to reach $6.7 trillion globally by 2020, more than twice the total of B2C ecommerce ($3.2 trillion). Consumers who have enjoyed purchasing items for personal use are now looking for a similar experience… Read more »

WEX Gives Back

WEX gives back

WEX gives back to the community, supporting our mission to act as an engaged and responsible corporate citizen. Giving back is both an opportunity and responsibility, we believe–-this is what good business professionals and humans do. With roots in Maine, WEX is active in working to benefit the greater Portland area. Additionally, at WEX, we… Read more »