Haunted Highways

Picture of haunted highway

Halloween and ghost stories go together like truck stop coffee and heartburn. So some old trucker ghost tales are bound to get retold in the next week or so. Driving alone at night with nobody else on the road, there’s a heavy silence all around and the only light comes from the moon, the stars… Read more »

Benchmarking in Trucking

Benchmarking with TrendSource app

The practice of industry benchmarking — comparing your company’s performance to industry averages or leaders — is not new. Long before it had a name, good business people knew to keep an eye on the competition. But today’s digital environment means that the amount of detailed information available through Big Data can make it far… Read more »

Unique Ways for Truck Drivers to Stay Connected

Tips for truck drivers: Mother and children connect with husband on tablet device

For truck drivers, being away from home can be the most difficult part of the job. It can feel like you’re missing out on the lives of your family and friends – graduations, weddings, soccer games — even as you’re earning money to support yourself or your family. But in today’s high-tech world, there are… Read more »

OPEC Announcement Pushes Crude Oil and Gasoline

OPEC influence on fuel costs

The start of the fourth quarter has seen retail gasoline prices in the U.S. rise marginally with October prices starting in the $2.22 per gallon area. The stronger start for gasoline prices has a lot to do with crude oil prices that are at some of the highest levels seen since late June and early… Read more »

Hurricane Matthew: The Latest on the Storm


Based on forecasts, Hurricane Matthew will impact parts of eastern Florida and other parts of the Southeast coast starting Thursday, Oct. 6, and continuing through the weekend. Areas of Florida will be severely impacted as well as portions of Georgia and the Carolinas. Major effects include damaging winds, storm surge coastal flooding, battering waves and… Read more »