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WEX and UATP have partnered to create PAXVIA—the all-in-one solution for airline, hotel, and car rental payments.

With PAXVIA, UATP corporate cardholders can purchase airline, hotel, and car rentals with their UATP card. The solution seamlessly extends the payment capabilities of the card and enables the client to book their travel with their existing travel agency without any process changes.

UATP is the low-cost payment network owned by the world’s airlines. UATP‘s global payment solution is accepted by thousands of merchants for air, rail, and travel agency payments. UATP offers easy-to-use tools that provide comprehensive account detail to issuers and corporate subscribers for accurate travel management.

WEX provides the virtual card technology behind the UATP network. WEX is a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, issuing billions of dollars in annual payments worldwide. WEX customizes solutions for streamlining the payment process through virtual card technology.

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