Put the power of America’s favorite fleet cards to work for you.

  • With the WEX Fleet Card you are offered the tools to manage your entire fleet. From Level III Data Capture, to spending limits and real time alerts, the WEX Fleet Card helps large fleets create operational efficiencies across their whole organization. In addition to offering the nation’s most popular fleet cards, we also offer an extensive range of solutions to improve and enhance the performance of your fleet, including:
  • Fuel management solutions that help large operations monitor, manage and optimize bulk fuel procurement for potential savings of 3 to 4 cents per gallon on every delivery (based on average client savings).
  • Solutions for small operations that help smaller businesses save up to 15%* on their fuel costs each year, while reducing the risk of fraud and easing administrative hassles.
  • WEX vehicle tracking that lets you monitor fuel use and driver behavior from your laptop, smart phone or tablet. All you need is an Internet connection.

*Actual savings may vary.

Fleet Tracking at Your Fingertips

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WEX Fleet vs FlexCard

Compare Fleet Cards

Choose your company fuel card simply by selecting the one that will benefit your fleet the most. Compare terms and fees, then click to apply in minutes.

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WEX GPS Tracking Thumbnail

WEX Telematics GPS Tracking

Get a real-time view of where your fleet vehicles are, what your drivers are doing, and how you can improve their performance.

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Level 3 Data Capture Thumbnail

WEX Level III Data Capture

Our proprietary network helps you capture data and control what transactions are allowed, including purchase type, time period, and dollars per transaction.

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WEX Cobrand Fleet Card Programs

Take advantage of WEX’s Cobrand Fleet Card programs to enhance your service offering to existing clients and attract new fleets.

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WEX Employee Health Accounts

Give employees greater control over their healthcare expenses, and greater responsibility for their choices, while reducing your costs.

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