Customized fleet tracking for any size fleet, business, or industry.

WEX Telematics customizes fleet tracking and automation solutions to fit your exact fleet size, business need and industry.

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Residential Services Vehicles

Residential Services

Track all your vehicles in real time, give customers accurate driver arrival times and save up to 20%* on fueling and maintenance costs. You stay easily connected to each driver throughout the day, informed as needed of delays, early finishes or customer requests.

  • Improve customer service with accurate service window arrival quotes.
  • Increase profitability by reducing travel time per job and scheduling more jobs.
  • Direct Garmin integration lets you easily communicate new jobs to your drivers.
  • Easily resolve billing disputes with validating, time-on-site reports.

*Actual results will vary.

Construction & Heavy Construction Vehicles

Construction & Heavy Construction

Protect your vehicles and non-vehicle assets using real-time, GPS tracking and simplify your fuel rebate paperwork for faster filing. Easy-to-use reports and online alerts keep you constantly aware of what’s happening at the jobsite so you can react quickly. Watch vehicles and equipment as they move within each work area.

  • Pay less fuel tax by easily documenting engine idle time eligible for exemptions.
  • Monitor non-vehicle assets by measuring trailer or chassis movements against established landmarks.
  • Receive real-time alerts for vehicle movement in defined areas, like construction sites.
  • Reduce after-hours use by identifying inappropriate activity.
  • Improve future contract bids by leveraging stop detail reports and asset tracking for accurate billing and time-on-site metrics.

Delivery Vehicles


Our GPS-based vehicle management solutions provide accurate, real-time vehicle tracking, help you update customers, and save you money on fuel costs. Online, customizable reports let you monitor driver activity to confirm deliveries, resolve disputes, and improve security.

  • Direct Garmin integration lets you easily assign new jobs or service calls to drivers.
  • Prevent cargo theft by receiving immediate alerts when doors open at unexpected locations.
  • Receive real-time alerts for vehicle movement in defined areas, like delivery sites.

Long Haul, Over-the-road & Diesel

Long-Haul, Over the Road & Diesel'

WEX Telematics’ vehicle management solutions simplify IRP-IFTA compliance reporting, fight theft and reduce your costs. WEXSMART combines your fuel card activity with GPS data for complete tracking, clear reporting and easier management of your business.

  • Easy IRP-IFTA compliance reporting, as fueling activity and miles traveled are combined in one simple report by state and by trip.
  • Avoid using driver logs or paying third-party filing services.
  • Monitor non-vehicle assets by measuring trailer or chassis movements against established landmarks.
  • Keep your vehicles on the road by proactively maintaining them with real-time performance information.

Heavy Truck Fleet Management Solutions

Heavy Trucks

Easily meet reporting requirements and automate driver logs for simpler, more accurate HOS compliance. WEX Telematics’ detailed trip and fuel purchase tracking makes state and IFTA reporting simpler.

  • Automate Driver Logs
    Automate your driver logs with electronic recorders to improve report accuracy, reduce administrative auditing time and boost driver safety. Drivers get faster roadside inspections. Fleet managers get real-time visibility and control over HOS compliance.
  • Streamline Hours of Operation
    Accurate electronic logs can reduce HOS violations, prevents fines and enhance compliance reporting. The HOS dashboard gives fleet managers a clear view of driver status and availability. Automated HOS solutions can help companies increase driver productivity, reduce company insurance premiums and maintain a strong CSA score.
  • Simplify IRP/IFTA Reporting
    Meet state reporting requirements more efficiently using detailed mileage tracking by state and by trip. Capture more fuel tax rebates with one-click detailed fuel tax reporting information.

Small Business Solutions

Small Fleet

WEX Telematics for small businesses delivers an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop solution for improved efficiencies. No matter the number of vehicles or type of business, you’ll enjoy simple premium GPS tracking, fuel card integration, and transparency into operations. WEX is a trusted partner that’s there with training, support and consultation when you need it.

  • Receive reports on an as-needed basis — nothing more than you need, nothing less
  • Reconcile time and billable hours
  • Mitigate risk and reduce fraud
  • Industry-leading user-friendly interface lets you focus on your business
  • Cost savings through more efficient routing and ability to encourage better driver behavior
  • Integrated fueling insights from WEX card services and tracking

Large Fleet Solutions

Large Fleet

WEX customers enjoy unparalleled customer service and a consultative approach, unlike other telematics solutions in the industry. Our experienced team provides the tools large fleets need to drive efficiencies, promote a safer overall environment and help comply with regulations.

  • Advanced data analytics platform provides visibility into operational efficiencies and ways to improve driver safety
  • Integrated Fuel Guard and fuel card file exchange for easy data analysis
  • Single-source billing saves time and money, avoiding multiple vendors
  • Seamless integration with complementary business operations
  • Easy compliance with federal Electronic Logging Device mandate

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