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Women in Fleet: Peggy Watson Feature Story

Posted May 4, 2020


Automotive Fleet has a series profiling prominent women in Fleet and for their April 30 story WEX’s Peggy Watson, SVP, Product and Marketing, Global Fleet is featured. What’s fun about the series is that it not only gives readers insight into what drives women to pursue a career in Fleet and how they have found success, but it also explores their subjects’ personal preferences on books, movies, and more. It’s a fun mix of serious reading and a bit of lighter fare.

With Automotive Fleet’s Lauren Fletcher, Watson discusses what career moves brought her to WEX, and what exciting projects she’s recently been able to oversee, such as WEX’s DriverDash. Watson explains DriverDash to Fletcher as a digital payment app specific to Fleet. She goes on to say that WEX was first-to-market with the tool and it has been really well-received in the industry.

Click here to read the complete article and learn more about Peggy Watson’s career and also what she currently considers her favorite book and movie.

Click here to learn more about WEX’s Fleet products and services, including DriverDash.


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