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fertility benefit for HSA and FSA

Support your employees’ fertility benefit needs with an HSA or FSA

August 29, 2023

Roughly 1 in 6 adults worldwide are affected by infertility. Reasons can vary, which is why wide-ranging fertility benefits can also improve the lives of any adult wanting to start a family. And did you know that a variety of fertility and infertility treatments are eligible for health savings account (HSA) and medical flexible spending account (FSA) funds? Keep reading if you’re interested in supporting your employees with these needs.

What are fertility benefits?

Fertility benefits provide support and financial assistance to individuals or couples seeking fertility treatments or services. These benefits are designed to help people who are facing difficulties conceiving naturally and require medical assistance to achieve pregnancy. 

Fertility assistance and treatments can be costly, with little to no coverage. Most people using fertility services pay thousands of dollars out of pocket without insurance. 

What are some fertility treatment examples?

There is a wide range of potential treatments and services, including:

What fertility treatment does an HSA or FSA cover?

Fertility treatments will qualify for HSA and medical FSA funds to the extent that procedures are performed on the participant, spouse, or another individual whose expenses are eligible for tax-free reimbursement. Examples are: 

Expenses paid to or for an in vitro surrogate usually do not qualify, nor do egg donor expenses unless preparatory to a procedure performed on the participant, spouse, or another individual whose expenses are eligible for tax-free reimbursement.

What infertility treatments does an HSA or FSA cover?

Egg donor fees

Egg donor fees, when deemed medically necessary by a doctor who has provided the information needed, are covered by a HSA and FSA. 

Eggs and embryos

An FSA and HSA will cover temporary storage for fertility storage. It will also cover any procedures to implant donor eggs and embryos, also including fertility medication. An FSA will not cover long-term storage. 

Surrogate expenses

Neither a HSA or FSA will cover surrogate mother expenses

Are you looking for more ways to support your employees’ fertility needs? Here are a few to-dos for you.

fertility benefits to-do list

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