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Dependent eligibility verification services

Remove ineligible participants to save you money.

Free up your team’s time and budget

Cover only eligible participants

Make sure you’re not picking up the tab for ex-spouses, adult children, and others who aren’t eligible for coverage.

Automate manual processes

Simplify your workflow while improving compliance, reducing stop-loss exposure, and minimizing litigation risks.

Optimize for convenience

Make it simple for employees to upload proof of eligibility documents through their benefits portal. The easy-to-use, customizable website informs your employees of requirements and tracks progress.

Dependent eligibility verification audits

WEX provides a convenient, cost-effective way to remove ineligible dependents from health insurance plans. Services include:

  • Validation of required documents such as marriage and birth certificates, federal 1040s, and more  
  • Application of spouse eligibility rules for employed spouses  
  • Reports to facilitate termination of ineligible claimants 
  • Electronic eligibility reporting to verify coverage is terminated correctly with the carrier

Save time & money with our efficient dependent eligibility verification audits

Comprehensive planning

Tailor a dependent eligibility verification audit to meet your objectives, including whether to use an amnesty period and how to handle non-responders.

Optimized user experience

Benefit from the standard practices we’ve developed.

Customer care center

Our team of experts will support employees through the audit and eligibility requirements.

Documentation management

We’ll manage documentation during the audit, including the retention of both paper and electronic documents.

benefits SaaS accounts*

(*Represents Q4 2023 average)

HSAs on the WEX benefits platform*

(*as of January 2024)

Fortune 1000 companies use the WEX platform*

(*January 2024 audit)

Benefits solutions for your specific needs


Make COBRA administration easy with our seamless, automated solution.

Non-discrimination testing

Comprehensive testing for complete transparency and compliance.

ACA administration

Turn complicated compliance tracking and reporting into a simple, one-click process.

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