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3 examples of why investing in user experience works

November 12, 2021

User experience (UX) is becoming more of a focus for organizations and their product teams. UX affects many parts of an organization, such as sales, customer service, and consumer engagement teams. After all, if you’re trying to sell a product that doesn’t provide a great experience, you’ll have a hard time making sales and, ultimately, satisfying your customers. 

UX has long been a focus for WEX when it comes to the world of benefits and how to increase engagement. 

Let’s explore how a focus on UX helped enhance a few of our products this year. 

UX update #1: Employer portal 

Our employer portal is the hub our employers use to access critical information regarding their benefits. Through user feedback, we determined there was a need to refresh the employer portal to create a more consistent and simplified experience for users that aligns with other WEX technology. 

This resulted in a refreshed layout with more space to showcase important content, a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes (such as desktop or mobile) and more consistent navigation throughout the portal, making it easier for users to navigate to what they were looking for. The update resulted in a better experience for users, many describing it as “clean,” “concise,” and “well-organized.” 

UX update #2: My HSA Planner

Contributing to a health savings account (HSA) today can help employees pay for healthcare expenses, save for the future, and invest to build wealth to prepare for their retirement. But participants can confuse common benefits plans. 

To combat this, we wanted to create a tool that helps employees understand the benefits of contributing to an HSA and illustrates the potential return on investment in a simple to understand way. Enter My HSA Planner – our personalized HSA decision support tool. 

The tool allows participants to answer a few simple questions and learn an HSA contribution amount that can help them meet their unique lifestyle and financial goals. With My HSA Planner, participants can enter a variety of scenarios and adjust their goals based on current and future spending. Users love the tool, one remarking, “I wish my employer had something that easy for recommending HSA contributions. Really, really well done.”

UX update #3: EOB smart scan

We wanted to figure out a way to make HSA expense tracking and FSA claim substantiation even easier for our participants. With that in mind, we developed EOB smart scan, which lets participants easily scan an EOB (explanation of benefits) and auto-fill expense details using their benefits mobile app. 

Our users who tested the new feature were excited about its debut, with 94 percent of users’ initial reaction to the concept being positive! “I really like this. I think uploading photos to have them scanned is becoming the way to do things,” one user said. 

Watch our video below to learn more about EOB smart scan. 

While the benefits aren’t always clear-cut, the perspective of every user’s experience and impact on any product is priceless. Interested in learning more about how to infuse UX into your product strategy? If you’re a WEX partner, log in to Partner Central and download our white paper! (Please note: You must be logged into Partner Central for the white paper to open!)

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