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5 must-see truck stops to visit across the U.S.

April 4, 2024

Across the vast stretches of America’s roads, truckers from all over can find fun and fascinating truck stops, each offering a blend of amenities, services, and cultural experiences unique to their region. From one coast to the other, these rest areas cater to weary travelers and long-haul truckers while showcasing American history and hospitality. 

Read on to discover America’s most unique truck stops, where you’ll find more than just the basics – they exude charm and invite everyone to pause, refuel, and embrace the freedom of the open road. 

1. South of the Border (Dillon, South Carolina)

South of the Boarder truck stop with their mascot holding a sign outside of the Sombrero restaurant.

Source: South of the Border

This quirky truck stop is a roadside attraction in itself, boasting colorful billboards, decor, and a wide array of amenities including restaurants, shops, and even a miniature golf course. Travelers are drawn to its unique atmosphere and photo-worthy landmarks, making it a must stop destination.

2. Iowa 80 (Walcott, Iowa)

Outside view of Iowa 80, the world's largest truck stop

Source: Trip Advisor

As the world’s largest truck stop, Iowa 80 offers an unparalleled range of services and amenities, including multiple restaurants, a trucking museum, a movie theater, and even a dental office. Its sheer size and comprehensive offerings makes it a favorite among truckers and travelers alike.

3. Russell’s Travel Center (Glenrio, Texas)

Outside view of Russell's Travel Center, with blue skies in the background.

Source: Russell’s Travel Center

Nestled on the border between Texas and New Mexico, Russell’s Travel Center is a nostalgic throwback to the Golden Age of Route 66. With its retro diner, vintage gas station, and western-themed decor, it’s a charming stop for those seeking a taste of Americana and a glimpse into the past.

4. Little America Travel Center (Flagstaff, Arizona)

Outside of the Little America truck stop, trucks line up to get fuel. Dark, night skies, and the moon glowing in the sky.

Source: Little America Travel Center

Settled within the stunning scenery of Northern Arizona, Little America offers a tranquil getaway for travelers and truckers alike. Just 80 miles from the Grand Canyon, Little America is a popular destination for its hotel and natural attractions. Its expansive grounds feature lush gardens, a picturesque pond, and upscale amenities including a restaurant and gift shop, providing a welcome respite from the desert landscape. 

5. Whiskey Pete’s (Primm, Nevada)

Outside of Whiskey Pete's Casino. The casino is shaped like a castle, with clear blue skies and the parking lot filled with cars.

Source: Vegas Means Business

Located less than 50 miles away from Las Vegas, this unique truck stop and casino is steeped in history and legend. Named after the famous gas station owner turned bootlegger, Pete “Whiskey Pete” MacIntyre, it offers a blend of old-fashioned charm and modern entertainment, with attractions like the thrilling “Desperado” roller coaster and the Bonnie and Clyde exhibit – which houses the duo’s infamous getaway car. Visiting Whiskey Pete’s would undoubtedly be a memorable stop in your journey.

As you traverse the highways and explore these five truck stops scattered across the U.S., take the chance to experience some unique parts of American culture and history. From quirky roadside attractions to tranquil getaways, each stop leaves a mark on your journey. So as you continue your long-haul trip, take some time to embrace the freedom of the open road and take inspiration from some of these fun, unique destinations. 

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