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HSA FSA sunscreen eligibility

Are sunscreen and other SPF products HSA and FSA eligible?

August 7, 2023

The temperature is rising and summer is right around the corner! How’s your sunscreen stock? Sunscreen can cost as much as $40 a bottle, but did you know you can actually use your health savings account (HSA) or medical flexible spending account (FSA) funds on many SPF-related expenses? We break down their HSA and FSA eligibility so you can be ready for some sun!


There’s a good chance you’re planning on spending some time in the sun over the next few months. You’re going to need sunscreen, and you need to be sure you’re choosing the right kind. Children’s sunscreen, suntan lotion with SPF, and more are eligible for reimbursement with your HSA and medical FSA.

HSA Store and FSA Store have multiple products to choose from, including this continuous spray

Are you curious about what participants often spend their FSA funds on? We have some data from the WEX benefits platform below. Check out our benefit trends page for more benchmarking data!

fsa spending habits

SPF lip balm

Don’t neglect your lip protection during the summer months! Lip balm with SPF can help protect your lips from sun damage and signs of aging. Extended sun exposure gradually breaks down your collagen and can result in thinning lips. Lip balm with an SPF of 15 or more is eligible under your HSA and medical FSA. There are plenty of options available, including this one.

Medicated sunburn creams and ointments

Whether you forget to apply sunscreen or linger in the sun for too long, there are remedies for treating a sunburn of all levels. A sunburn will clear up on its own over time, but in severe cases, additional treatments may be necessary to combat the discomfort. And you can dip into your HSA and medical FSA funds for eligible products, including hydrocortisone cream, medicated moisturizers, aloe, and more.


Your funds can also cover prescription sunglasses that protect your eyes from sun damage and provide optimal vision correction. However, regular sunglasses are ineligible unless the frames are able to fit prescription lenses. Simply update your eye prescription, pick frames that suit your face, and a lens to match your prescription.

Check out the FSA Store and the HSA Store for more information on eligible products.

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