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LEAP employer benefits portal

Plan, manage, and track your employee benefits and COBRA all in LEAP, the employer benefits portal from WEX.

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Your all-in-one workplace

Technology can have a wide-ranging and positive impact, but simplicity is key. LEAP is our management portal for HR professionals and brings together everything employers and consultants need to administer employee benefits and COBRA under one system and one login.





Commuter Benefits


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Keep your organization in sync

Created for HR professionals by HR professionals and their consultants to save time and reduce workload and stress. Keep your entire organization in sync with:

  • One login to access it all
  • Customizable user access
  • Power and control on any schedule
  • Flexible support options
  • Consultant and broker oversight

One LEAP login to access it all

Tired of remembering multiple login combinations? One username and password is all you need.


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LEAP password protection

Customizable user access for any role

Transparency across teams is key to saving time. LEAP gives you control to customize user roles that grant or limit access to individuals across your team or organization – whether they’re in HR, finance, IT, or the C-suite.

They can see what they need. Nothing more.

Putting payments first in the online experiences market

LEAP puts you in the driver's seat

Everyone has a different speed. There are people who drive slow in the fast lane. And people who accelerate through a yellow light. LEAP puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to work at your own pace and on your own time.

If you need to turn on your navigation, our experts are here to steer you in the right direction.

With LEAP, you can:

  • Add or remove team member access
  • Design your benefits or COBRA plans
  • View and update employee (or former employee) information
  • View and update enrollment and contribution data
  • View data transmission with your HRIS or payroll
  • Create and maintain plan documents
  • Run non-discrimination testing
  • Renew your benefits or COBRA plans in one click
  • View and run reporting on demand
  • View COBRA documents sent on your behalf
  • Review trends with powerful analytics and benchmarking
  • View invoices
  • And more!

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Service support options for every style

There is an age-old saying, “Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.” That’s not WEX. We know that for us to be a valuable extension of your HR team, our experts need to be, well, experts.

How would you like to work with us?  We have lots of options.


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We’ve got a knowledgebase of thousands of articles, videos, and tutorials – written by our experts, not a vendor, in easy-to-understand, consistent language.



Got tough questions? Give us a call. Email us. Or leverage LEAP. You’ve got options and we have answers.



You have access to seven different specialty teams that focus in the key areas of finance, compliance, employee accounts, tech support, benefits and COBRA plans, company profile, and reporting.

Track your support tickets

By engaging with us in LEAP, you’ll always know the status of your question. No black holes.

Submit a question
in LEAP.

Email received
confirming WEX is on it.

Email received
answering the question.

The same
expert continues
to support through
additional/follow up questions.

If a phone call is
needed, the same
expert is ready.

Alert received in LEAP when the inquiry is complete.

Give your consultant visibility and transparency

Are you and your consultant THE dynamic duo? If you take on the world together, LEAP gives them access to it all. With one login, they can access all of their clients’ separate accounts to stay in-the-know.

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What is a virtual card and how does it work?

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