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Open Enrollment

Our top open enrollment resources for you and your employees

November 9, 2023

Welcome to our open enrollment resources round-up, your one-stop destination for all the essential information and tools you need to navigate the open enrollment process with confidence. Our expansive list of resources will help alleviate stress from your HR team and streamline the open enrollment experience for your employees, ensuring they can make informed decisions about their benefits. 

The power of benefits choices

The importance of offering a wide range of employee benefits choices cannot be more important in today’s competitive job market. Employee benefits go beyond just attracting top talent; they can also improve employee satisfaction and retention. When employees have the freedom to choose benefits that align with their personal life circumstances, it creates a sense of well-being in the office and leads to higher job satisfaction and productivity. The following resources will help you decide what types of benefits offerings will be most beneficial to your employees and the best ways to approach benefits budget conversations:

Benefits 101 for your employees

When employees have access to clear, easily digestible information about their benefits, they can be confident about their benefits decision-making. This not only improves their job satisfaction but also reduces potential misunderstandings or dissatisfaction later on in the year. Share these benefits 101 resources with your employees as they prepare for open enrollment.

If you’re looking for open enrollment resources, we’ve got you covered! Check out our open enrollment toolkit for employee resources such as handouts, videos, and more!

Open enrollment communication tips

Clear and engaging communication not only reduces confusion and stress for your employees, but also enhances the value behind these offerings as well. Check out our tips on the best ways to communicate with your employees before, during, and after open enrollment:

Your post-open enrollment game plan 

Post-open enrollment is a crucial period for HR teams. It’s a time to address any employee questions or concerns, review open enrollment metrics, and make any necessary adjustments for the upcoming benefit year. It’s also important to focus on further benefits education to help employees fully understand and take full advantage of their benefits choices throughout the year. Learn more about what you and your employees can do to stay well-prepared for the year ahead:

For employers:

For participants:

Don’t forget to check out our open enrollment guide for even more open enrollment strategy tips!

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