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Fleet cards & fuel management

Fleet card solutions for savings and simpler fleet management.

Select your fleet card

WEX fleet cards are designed for small business, large fleets, and government fleets. We also have over-the-road fleet solutions.

We’ll help you run your fleet more easily and efficiently with advanced analytics and reporting—and smart fuel management tools like dynamic GPS vehicle tracking and convenient mobile apps.

  • Accepted at 95% of all retail fuel locations, plus 45,000 maintenance locations
  • Valuable rebates and fuel management tools to reduce spending
  • Powerful data analytics for fleets of all sizes
  • Track vehicles and monitor fuel use—anytime, anywhere

Pick the Right Fleet Card for Your Business

Every WEX fleet card is smarter than a credit card, safer than cash. Just choose the one that works best for your business:

  • Looking for greater insights and controls on spending? Try the WEX Fleet Card.
  • Need to carry a balance? Check out the WEX Flex Card.
  • Want the best rebate, or already have a favorite place to fill up? Select a fleet card from the most popular retail fuel brands in the country.
Select your fleet card


Nationwide Acceptance

WEX fleet cards are accepted at 95% of fuel locations across the U.S.

  • No need to plan routes around where to fuel, or go out of your way to find the right gas station
  • Ensure your drivers can find the cheapest nearby fuel with the WEX Connect app
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ClearView Analytics & Reporting

Gain visibility into business purchases to find savings, cut costs, and prevent fraud.

  • Find opportunities to cut costs
  • Accurately forecast and budget fleet expenses
  • Identify purchasing anomalies and card misuse
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WEX ClearView Fuel Price Explorer.

WEX ClearView Fuel Price Explorer.

Telematics & GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track vehicle location, speed, fuel use, driver performance and more

  • Increase visibility and control of fleet operations
  • Lower fuel and operational costs
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use and help prevent vehicle theft
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WEX Mobile Apps

Use our mobile apps to manage your cards, track spending, and locate the lowest fuel prices along your route.

  • Easy on-the-go access to all your fleet card features
  • Always know your account balance and activity wherever you are
  • Easily find fuel by route or location
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WEX EDGE Savings Network

The new WEX EDGE savings network offers exclusive discounts on the things that keep small business moving—like fuel, tires, hotels, and wireless. WEX customers get the buying power of a major corporation, in a way that’s easy to use, easy to track, and easy to save.

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EV Offering

In partnership with ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network, WEX offers:

  • Secure charging at more than 66,000 ChargePoint stations nationwide
  • Management of fuel and EV charges on a single account, with integrated reporting
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Roadside Services

A free benefit of your fleet card program, Roadside Services is delivered in partnership with the National Automobile Club (NAC.)

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