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WEX Fleet EV Offering

Fleet managers need a seamless way to incorporate electric vehicles (EV) into their fleet, without losing any of the reporting, productivity, optimization, and driver benefits they enjoy today. Through our partnership with ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network, WEX is building solutions to ease the integration of EVs into mixed fleets, helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint while still meeting the complex reporting and cost measurement needs of the business.


Seamless Charging

Seamless Charging

Use the same WEX credit solution to pay for EV transactions at over 66,000 charging stations nationwide and fueling at 95% of U.S. gas stations.
Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting

Manage your fuel and EV charges on a single account, with consolidated reporting and billing.
Increased Security

Increased Security

Charge your electric vehicles more securely with skim-free ChargePoint transactions.


End-to-End e-Mobility

End-to-End e-Mobility

Enhanced end-to-end solutions for e-mobility from on-route, depot and at-home charging easily support drivers across North America and Europe.

  Learn more about WEX's EV offering.


"Our customers across the globe rely on us to provide financial controls, powerful reporting, data solutions, and secure payments that keep their drivers on the road and on the job, while managing costs. Partnering with ChargePoint enables WEX to fully support any mix of EV and ICE vehicles that our customers operate."

Scott Phillips, president of global fleet, WEX, Inc.


WEX Fleet EV Offering FAQ

What is the offering?

Our EV offering allows businesses to use their WEX Fleet Card account to pay for electric vehicle charges at over 66,000 ChargePoint stations.

Who can use it?

Our EV offering is available to any WEX Fleet Card customer. It’s perfect for any business, government, or transit fleet that has EV vehicles today, or plans to add or increase EV vehicle use.

How do I find a ChargePoint site?

Use the ChargePoint locator, or download the ChargePoint mobile app.

Apple App StoreGoogle App Store

How do I use my WEX Fleet card to obtain an EV charge?

ChargePoint will send you an RFID tag to connect to your WEX account. Set your WEX Fleet Card as the form of payment, then enter the RFID code. You will use the RFID at the ChargePoint charging station.

Is the reporting integrated with my traditional fueling activity?

Yes. Transactions are included in your WEX Fleet Card reporting, noted with an EV product code.

How do I view reporting on my EV charging?

Customers can access all reporting in WEXOnline. ChargePoint transactions are billed nightly to your account.

I’m a ChargePoint customer. Can I get a WEX Fleet Card?

If you are looking for a better way to fuel, and charge, your business vehicles, you have come to the right place. Learn more about the WEX Fleet Card. You can also call 866-527-8870 or e-mail for more information.