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Our premium GPS tracking solution, WEX Telematics combines technology, data analytics, and award-winning customer service to help keep your employees and bottom line safe. For small business, large fleets, and government fleets.

New optional on-board cameras help you track and improve driver behavior.

When paired with your WEX Fleet Card, WEX Telematics helps you:

  • Reduce unnecessary fuel usage. Identify and measure idling times and locations driven.
  • Monitor fraudulent behavior with free fuel card integration. Make sure company fuel purchases are filling company assets.
  • Keep drivers safe. Monitor driver performance by tracking critical events with in-cab cameras.
  • Keep vehicles safe. Remotely sense vehicle diagnostics, set vehicle maintenance reminders, and track historical maintenance.
  • Stay in compliance. Integrated fleet card data helps ensure accurate and on-time IFTA reporting.

WEX Telematics helps improve driver performance, fuel consumption, and vehicle diagnostics—now with optional on-board cameras.

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Easy Implementation and World-Class Support

WEX Telematics solutions are tailored to your needs, easy to install, and easy to learn. Use detailed instructions and free phone support to do it yourself, or we can refer you to local full-service installers. As our client, you’ll receive strategic planning sessions to make sure you’re getting only the services you need. Our products are backed by a world-class, U.S.-based customer service team that can offer helpful consultation and guidance at any time.

Fuel Card Integration

WEX Telematics integrates your WEX card fueling data at no additional cost.

Improve Safety

Reduce accidents and insurance premiums by monitoring and coaching driver behavior, and confirming vehicles are safe to operate by tracking maintenance and engine diagnostics. Should something happen, optional in-cab cameras and video playback provide indisputable evidence against false claims.

Gain Actionable Insights

With easy access to vehicle operating conditions, driver activity, and fleet performance data, you can increase productivity and efficiency, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and receive alerts for preventative maintenance engine diagnostic codes.

Vehicle, Asset and Driver Tracking

Keep tabs on valuable remote assets like trailers, equipment, or other property—in real time. GPS asset tracking can reduce the risk of theft and helps police find assets if they’re ever stolen. Monitor specific driver behaviors, like speeding, idling, acceleration, and braking.

Vehicle Routing

Track vehicles in real time on interactive 2D, 3D or satellite maps. Use live traffic data to find faster routes for your drivers—saving time and money.


Comply with FMCSA Hours of Service requirements. Simplify IFTA reporting with reports that show how much fuel was consumed, how much it cost, and how many miles were driven in each state. If you haul refrigerated trailers, comply with FSMA requirements with accurate temperature sensors that alert and report on temperature fluctuation.