The Age of the Invisible Payment

invisible payments

From architectural floor plans to open APIs, design today is all about transparency, flexibility, and visibility. When it comes to payments, make that invisibility. Using the terms “openness” and “invisibility” to describe payments innovation—and really, the future of payments—has significance. It drives home the point that the traditionally “closed” financial services industry is becoming more… Read more »

Tracking the Payments Numbers That Count

payments numbers

There are more numbers for payments departments to focus on than just the amounts written on the checks. Those payments that go out affect the company’s bottom line, and while the payments department makes sure the necessary authorizations and approvals are in place, you don’t have control over them. There are other numbers you do… Read more »

WEX Development Program Featured in Association for Coaching Magazine

wex coaching

As a global leader in corporate payments solutions, WEX has been committed to growing its footprint across industries and borders, scaling rapidly to support customers in 200 countries through our offices in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. Leadership Development in a Period of Exponential… Read more »

WEX Wrap-Up: November 2016

WEX November Wrap Up

As we enter the final month of the year, it’s important to look back and see what has been happening around the world at WEX. As always, we are pleased to present the WEX Wrap-Up, a monthly recap of all the news and views from our business lines. WEX Fleet What Self-Driving Beer Delivery Means… Read more »

A Holistic Approach to “Electronifying” B2B Payments

b2b payments

Organizations looking to break into the electronic payments world have taken a metered approach, but the opportunities and potential still exist for all of the savings, visibility, and speed that come with its adoption. While some studies, including that of the Association for Financial Professionals, found that the great downfall of check use has slowed—hovering… Read more »

Insurance Payments and the IoT

insurance payments IoT

What do a smart refrigerator and an insurance payment have in common? More than you might think, considering the evolution of connected device technology. They’re both part of the Internet of Things (IoT)—yes, even the insurance payment. The IoT’s potential impact on business operations and consumer shopping behaviors is spurring innovations where you might least… Read more »