Help Wanted! The Travel Industry Seeks Qualified Talent

Travel Agent with Globe

There is a need for strong talent in the travel industry with agency owners growing more concerned about where and how to source the next generation of agents. According to the 2017 Pulse of the Industry Survey, which was compiled by global marketing firm Strategic Vision, it’s the high-end agencies that are having the most… Read more »

All-Inclusive Resorts Evolve as a Rising Destination Choice

Tourist Sitting Poolside

The evolution of all-inclusive resorts in a Cinderella story of sorts. For some time now, this vacation option was associated with mediocre buffet food, watered down drinks, sub-par accommodations, hidden charges, and lack-luster activities. While none of this sounds astoundingly appealing, all-inclusive resorts offered the ease of flat-price payment. However, times are changing and so… Read more »

Holiday Destinations: Spain Reigns in 2017

Spanish Flag

With many reports suggesting Spain and other holiday destinations across the western Mediterranean are full to the brim this year, what is the true story? And if hotels in these destinations are already full, which other destinations are proving popular this year? Will 2017 see the return of Turkey as a main destination for holidaymakers… Read more »

Can Virtual Reality Marketing Lead to Real World Sales?

Virtual Reality

Should travel agents be concerned about virtual reality (VR) becoming so realistic that customers think the experience is just as good as being there and don’t book a trip? While VR may eliminate the need for certain business trips, the reality seems to be that VR makes people want the experience for real and can… Read more »

There’s a Battle In Ground Transportation

Carpooling Icon

Ground transportation players have something to prove in 2017. The end of 2016 saw ridesharing surpass traditional ground transportation for the first time ever among business travelers. While rideshares have become a solid go-to for business travelers, the space is still ripe for competition and waiting to be defined. According to Deloitte’s 2017 Travel and… Read more »