Delivering greater control and savings.

You can count on our Fleet One OTR Card to buy fuel and other products more efficiently, optimize your purchasing processes, and improve tracking and reporting.

Additionally, your business will enjoy acceptance at over 7,800 truck stops, with more than 2,000 offering everyday rebates — and pay NO transaction fees.

And our flexible cards provide real-time reporting, superior savings, nationwide acceptance and enhanced purchasing control.

• Limit what your drivers buy, where they buy it and how much they spend with company funds. Plus, you will benefit from line-item reporting and free online account management.
• Choose the Over the Road Card for primarily long-haul fleets, or the All-Roads fuel card for blended fleets.
• All cards offer rebates, 24/7 customer care, and zero transaction fees.

Ready to Limit Exposure, Increase Control?

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WEX Factoring Thumbnail

WEX Factoring

With WEX Fleet One Factoring, you will enjoy accelerated cash flow, powerful real-time reporting, fuel card funding, and flexible pricing with no hidden fees. Learn more.

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WEX GPS Tracking Thumbnail

WEX Telematics GPS Tracking

Get a real-time view of where your fleet vehicles are, what your drivers are doing, and how you can improve their performance.

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WEX Fleet vs FlexCard

Compare Fleet Cards

Choose your company fuel card simply by selecting the one that will benefit your fleet the most. Compare terms and fees, then click to apply in minutes.

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WEX Cobrand Fleet Card Programs

Take advantage of WEX’s Cobrand Fleet Card programs to enhance your service offering to existing clients and attract new fleets.

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WEX Employee Health Accounts

Give employees greater control over their healthcare expenses, and greater responsibility for their choices, while reducing your costs.

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