Compare WEX small business fleet cards.

With WEX Small Business Fleet Cards, choosing your company fuel cards is as simple as selecting the one that will benefit your fleet the most. Compare terms and fees below, then click to apply in minutes.


Revolve Your Balance and Improve Cash Flow

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3¢ rebate on every gallon of gas*
Save 15% off your fuel management costs**


  • No Annual Fee
  • No Card Fee
  • 30 day billing
  • 26 days to pay
* 3¢ rebate on every gallon of gas for either one year or 6,000 gallons.
** Actual savings may vary.
Fleet Card

Advanced Alerts, Controls and Reporting

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Save 15% off your fuel management costs*


  • No Annual Fee
  • $2 / Card per Month
  • 30 day billing
  • 22 days to pay
* Actual savings may vary.
Every WEX Card Includes:
WEX Card AnalyticsAnalytics
  • Monitor spending habits
  • Track transactions in real-time
  • Research purchasing activities
WEX Card AnalyticsSecurity
  • Get Driver ID authorization
  • Activate & deactivate card online
  • Early detection of fraud
WEX Card AnalyticsCost Savings
  • Locate lowest gas prices
  • Track driver spending
  • Control product purchases
  • Set dollar limits on card
Accepted at over 90% of U.S. fuel retailers, including:

Card acceptance is subject to independent owner/operator participation and subject to change without notice.

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