Learn how WEX small business fleet services can be a big help.

WEX small business fleet solutions help smaller fleets grow to become more efficient, safe, and productive. With an unique combination of benefits including simplified fueling, streamlined maintenance, accurate data collection and more, a WEX small business fleet card can making it easier for your fleet to do what it does best.

Testimonials from Small Fleets

“We heard about WEX cards so we applied and it has been the BEST thing we ever did! We had been pretty sure for a while that some of our employees were putting gas in their private tanks with our regular company credit cards. So, once we got these WEX cards and assigned them to individual company vehicles, and now employees have to enter the vehicle and the mileage of that vehicle, we are saving a lot more money!

These WEX cards make them ‘accountable’ now for where the gas charges went! And it is so super easy now to get the receipts and match up in my data entry!”
Michelle, Division Service

“Before switching over to WEX my company was spending between 8-10 thousand dollars a month with all the miscellaneous gas receipts coming in. Having the WEX card and no questions as to the receipt being personal use or company use has dropped our monthly cost to between 3-6 thousand dollars a month. The bill is so easy to read and very easy to tell whether an employee is misusing their privilege of having a gas card.”
Thank you WEX,
Sommer Gmh Associates

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WEX Telematics GPS Tracking

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WEX Connect

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WEX Level III Data Capture

Our proprietary network helps you capture data and control what transactions are allowed, including purchase type, time period, and dollars per transaction.

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Compare Fleet Cards

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WEX Employee Health Accounts

Give employees greater control over their healthcare expenses, and greater responsibility for their choices, while reducing your costs.

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WEX Custom Card Programs

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