Get more with WEX Telematics fleet tracking system.

To manage a fleet efficiently, you need to know where your vehicles are and how they’re being used. WEX Telematics gives you real-time tracking of vehicle location with premium GPS tracking, speed, fuel use, driver performance and more. We help you make smart decisions to increase productivity and cut fuel costs to boost your bottom line.

Save more and know more with WEX Telematics

Fleet Management

Sharpen your decisions and achieve higher fleet productivity with real-time details about vehicle operating conditions, driver activities and performance. Greatly reduce fuel and maintenance costs with intelligent fleet reporting and data capture.

WEX Telematics tracking tools, reports and analysis help fleet managers achieve up to 20% savings on fuel and maintenance. This can translate into a consistent, measurable improvement to your bottom line.

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Keep a handle on valuable remote assets such as trailers, equipment or other property – in real time. GPS asset tracking can reduce the risk of theft and help police find assets if they are ever stolen.

Fleet Maintenance

Keep your vehicles in peak operating condition with on-time maintenance. Achieve a perfect maintenance record with alerts triggered by actual odometer readings, and know if there’s trouble by reviewing engine diagnostic trouble codes. On average, companies see a reduction in maintenance costs.

Fuel Card Integration

Gain greater control of fleet expenses by combining WEX Telematics with the WEX Fuel Card. You can limit drivers to making only fuel and service purchases on their cards and track fuel purchases by vehicle to calculate MPG and ensure timely maintenance. The WEX Telematics Fuel Guard Report helps you prevent fraud by confirming that your company vehicle was at the fueling station when a purchase was made.

Savings Calculator

How much can you and your business save with WEX Telematics? Use our Savings Calculator to find out.

ELD Mandate

WEX offers ELD solutions that ensure FMCSA compliance, and deliver superior safety and productivity for your fleet.
When fleets comply with the new ELD mandate, they’ll get more than just a way to reduce accidents. ELDs also help streamline dispatching, cut costs, and boost day-to-day productivity. Some benefits include:

  • Efficient logging. Drivers spend less time at fuel stations and scale houses, and offices receive data in a FMCSA-compliant format, ensuring accurate, timely records at a fraction of the cost.
  • Less paperwork. Using ELD could cut 10-15 minutes of administrative time per driver each day, and save a company $805 per driver, according to the FMCSA.
  • Fewer violations. ELD tracks how many hours of service each driver has left available and triggers instant alerts, helping managers avoid fines as high as $16,000 per occurrence.

When researching ELD solutions, look for:

  • GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Data Integration

Reporting & Alerts

With our 25 customizable reports, you’ll have precise information to detect driver, vehicle or operational issues and address them for greater efficiency. Quickly review alerts and act – or rest assured that our system will flag the event for later. Customize reports to fit your management, analysis or operational needs. View them online, print them or have them automatically sent to your device. Download Report Examples PDF

Show All Reports

Service Report
If you decide to enter your service records into the system, you can use this report to ensure that all vehicles are being routinely serviced, determine the type of services performed, monitor the cost of fleet maintenance and stay ahead of costly breakdowns.

Activity Alerts Report
At a glance, you’ll know all the alerts that were triggered – Excessive Speed, Odd Hours, Extended Idle Time, and geofence alerts – for one or more vehicles during a specified time frame. Refine it by selecting individual Alert Subjects, Criticality and Vehicles.

Landmark Report
Use this report to document stops of a vehicle at various landmarks such as a home address, customer site or headquarters. This report can be viewed by Vehicle (landmarks visited by a specific vehicle) or by Landmark (vehicles that visited a specific landmark).

Geofence Violations
A geofence is a user-defined geographic area. With this report, you can view when a vehicle entered or exited a defined area, and monitor frequency of visits, time of entry/exit, miles driven, and duration of time spent within a restricted area.

Drivetime Summary
Easily access daily or weekly statistics on your fleet, like total mileage or maximum speed reached. In addition, get a summary total for each vehicle that allows you to quickly scan for underutilized vehicles, mileage totals and more. When you need more detail, you can click the vehicle label to view the Stop Detail Report.

Activity Detail
Get a quick daily snapshot of driving activities for any vehicle in your fleet. This report enables you to view specific location, stop and speed information for an individual vehicle for an entire day.

Begin / End of Day Report
Know when your vehicles start in the morning and shut down at night. You’ll see the hours your vehicle was in operation and be able to estimate hours worked. This can be used to automate timecards if your drivers are paid from key on until key off.

Fuel Usage & MPG Report
View and compare the fuel usage and miles per gallon of each vehicle against others in your fleet. Easily monitor the amount of fuel consumed by each vehicle and spot those that have exceeded your threshold for fuel usage during a given period. Reconcile gallons consumed with fuel card expenditures to monitor for abuse.

Alerts Report
View all current scheduled maintenance and diagnostic trouble code alerts for your fleet. Ensure routine vehicle maintenance is performed and mechanical problems are repaired.

Location Report
With the robust mapping interface, you can easily find out the location of each vehicle in your fleet in near real time. See where your vehicles are, which direction they are headed, and how fast they are going. With this tool, you can locate vehicles closest to customer sites to help streamline dispatching.

Stop Detail & Idle Time Report
See a summary of hard stops (vehicle is turned off), idle stops (vehicle is on, but reports a speed of zero mph), stop duration, and stop locations. Know how much time a vehicle spent at a job site, the idle time, how long it took to get from one site to the next and the distance travelled.

Automatic Alerts
Keep up with real-time events. Get instant email, text-message or on-screen alerts when a fleet event steps beyond your company’s business rules. Quick links provide full event details.

Hide Reports

Driver Monitoring & Geofencing

Create custom regions on your map and monitor fleet activity within them. Know when vehicles enter or leave areas and how much time they spend in those areas. Discover when vehicles are on track and when they’re in “no-go” areas such as employee homes, bars or other non-work areas.
Dispatchers can help drivers stay on track by placing references to local landmarks in route directions and inserting custom landmarks in any map, to be viewed on screen or in reports.

IRP-IFTA Reporting

WEX Telematics’ vehicle management solutions simplify IRP-IFTA compliance reporting, fight theft, and reduce your costs.

(IFTA is a fuel tax collection and sharing agreement for the redistribution of fuel taxes paid by interstate commercial carriers, while IRP is a reciprocity agreement between the US and Canada to provide payments of registration fees based on the total distance operated.)

Under these agreements, commercial carriers must keep detailed records on miles driven, fuel purchased, and fuel tax paid in each state or province where their vehicles travel. Carriers submit these records to their base jurisdiction on a quarterly basis, and they determine whether a business owes taxes or will receive a credit.
Relying on paper records for IRP-IFTA reporting can lead to several issues, such as missing paperwork, entry error, or overpayments. WEX Telematics eliminates the manual process, improves the accuracy of distance, and saves time.

Driver Logging & Performance Reporting

Armed with our reports and alerts, fleet managers can identify and address excessive speeding, idling, acceleration, braking and mileage. Modifying these driver behaviors can reduce fuel consumption by $1,000 per vehicle, per year, and contribute to lower maintenance costs, fewer accidents and lower insurance rates. Track after-hours or weekend vehicle use, replaying actual trips on screen. Often, employees will immediately curb such travel once they know tracking is in use.

Vehicle Routing

Track your vehicles or fleets in real time on interactive 2D, 3D or satellite maps. Use Live Traffic data to route your drivers around congestion to complete more jobs per day and please customers. Easily scan your fleet’s position with our color-coded vehicle driving trails.

Installation & Pricing

WEX Telematics tracking units can be self-installed with basic vehicle electrical knowledge in about 15 minutes. WEX provides detailed printed instructions and free phone support.

If you’d like full-service installation, we’ll provide a list of local, professional installers.

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