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Posted November 3, 2015



Analysis, visual information, and actionable insights save time, reduce manual calculations and inform cost-saving policies

Today we announced the launch of WEX Fleet ClearView, a proprietary fleet analytics and benchmarking platform that combines fuel and vehicle data with proprietary analytics to create insights that save fleets time and money. ClearView is an intuitive cloud-based platform that provides fleet customers with an integrated, dynamic view of fleet-related activities and expenses to do the following:

  • Review activity for cost-saving opportunities, and gain a clearer picture of fleet performance, efficiency gains and total cost of ownership.
  • Receive actionable insights to more proactively manage asset performance and expenses in an effort to reduce inappropriate spending and card abuse, all while optimizing business decisions.
  • Streamline fleet operations to eliminate time-consuming manual calculations while operating efficiently, effectively and securely.

“We use precise and sophisticated technology to help revolutionize the power of payments, and to customize our analytics solutions for our customers’ needs,” said Kurt Thearling, vice president, analytics for WEX. “With ClearView we’ve created a unique analytics platform that can easily analyze detailed driver and vehicle performance data to quickly understand purchasing trends, review performance benchmarks, and identify exceptions to fuel purchase policies that will ultimately steer customers to make better business decisions.”

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