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Posted May 7, 2020

10 HSA FSA expenses for under $10


From transitioning to remote work to stocking up on supplies, millions of Americans are striving for virus prevention and preparedness in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recently signed CARES Act permanently expanded the range of products eligible for purchase with health savings account (HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA) funds. 

It’s as important as ever to be aware of how to put your HSA or FSA dollars to work. Here are 10 items under $10 you can purchase with your HSA or FSA funds that will help you during this time. 

Remote employees

Working from home can be convenient and flexible, but it can also present issues such as increased eye strain, aches from sitting longer than usual, and tension from spending too much time on devices. If you’ve migrated to a home office, these four products can reduce some of the stress in your home office:

Items for kids

If you have children, they may be rambunctious from being cooped up, or they may be dealing with normal kid stuff – like teething or fighting a cold as the season changes. Your HSA or FSA has your back whether your kiddos have bumps that need soothing or noses that need wiping. Here are three products that can help your kids thrive in the “new normal”:

Self care

Even during social distancing, busyness and self-care needs don’t go away when you clock out or put the kids to bed. If anything, you have to be “on” more than ever right now (even if your new favorite work shoes are slippers). These HSA- and FSA-eligible items can help you take care of yourself as you juggle a busy schedule.

Would you like to learn more about enrolling in an HSA or FSA? Watch our Benefits Buzz podcast episodes below. 

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