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Posted July 15, 2019

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“No matter the color of your skin or your gender or sexual orientation or age, you can find your place here at WEX.”

To showcase the diverse communities within WEX and encourage the celebration of our shared experiences as well as the differences that make us unique, WEX has established five new employee resource groups (ERGs) and is now rolling them out across our offices. These include Women@WEX, WEXPats, WEXVets, WEXPride and NexGen.

Gimbala Sankare, who directs WEX’s global diversity and inclusion efforts as well as our early career pipeline, led the formation of the ERGs. Says Gimbala, “By forming these groups, we are communicating to our employees that there is a community at WEX for different types of people and different types of shared ideas and interests. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin or your gender or sexual orientation or age, you can find your place here. You can be who you are at home at WEX.”

employee resource group ERG pride

WEX employees participate in Maine’s Pride Portland! parade.

“We are deliberate about recruiting candidates based on the needs of our business, and we’re making diversity a key component of that,” says Gimbala. “The way that WEX recruits employees through our early career programs is more personable than it once was—there’s a transparency to it, an authenticity to it. And we want our career candidates to feel comfortable that there will be a community waiting here for them.” 

Inside WEX’s employee resource groups

WEX has formed five ERGs, though there are plans to introduce more in the future: 

  • Women@WEX: This ERG unites some of the remarkable women who are helping to drive WEX’s innovations and growth. 
  • NexGen: This ERG for early career professionals is now active in our Portland, Maine, office as well as in our Ogden, Utah, office. 
  • WEXPride: Our LGBTQ+ group is active in both London and Portland, where we recently participated in the Pride Portland! parade and festival.
  • WEXPats: WEXPats’ ultimate goal is to foster a culture of belonging where multinational employees can feel at home while away from home.
  • WEXVets: In both Portland and Ogden, WEX has created a community for the veterans among us with an ERG specifically for them. 

Members of Maine’s NexGen chapter gather at the ERG’s launch event in May.

With heaps of empirical evidence about the value of having a diverse workforce, WEX is additionally investing in these groups to encourage better innovation, financial growth and the recruitment of top talent. 

“My hope is that our ERGs will give us a competitive advantage here locally and also send a signal globally that WEX is leading when it comes to recruiting diverse talent and developing it across the organization,” says Gimbala.  

The ERGs were rolled out with a series of soft launches; so though they’re already active and at work, WEX hasn’t yet strategically launched them to the entire company or to every office. 

“We encourage our employees to get involved in the communities within WEX—get out there, get involved and share your interests and your experiences,” says Gimbala. “The ERGs are for you and will help you understand your company even more and to build a network so you know that you’re not alone here.”  

To learn more about WEX’s ERGs and to get involved, email

Want to hear more from Gimbala? Read his recent Q&A with Mainebiz. 

If you’re interested in working for a growing and global organization, please visit WEX’s career page.


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