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Posted July 21, 2021

How do company gas cards work?


Did you recently join a fleet and were handed a gas card for your job? Or did your company recently get gas cards for its drivers? Welcome to the growing circle of gas card users. 

This article will explain how to use your card, and what you must do to ensure that you and your company get the most from the fleet card program you’ve just joined. From now on, every time you get gas, you’ll want to use your fleet card. It’s convenient and easy to use, and if it’s a WEX fleet card, it’s accepted at nine out of ten fuel locations nationwide. 

You can also watch our comprehensive video below that walks you through how to use the WEX fleet card in a series of simple steps:

With your new gas card you won’t have to worry about handling cash or managing expense receipts – and with WEX fleet cards your expenses are displayed online, eliminating lost receipts or manual tracking. 

How do I use my fleet card?

The process is simple: your gas card works like a charge card with a few minor differences. Here are some simple things to remember:

  • When you pull into an accepting fuel station to fill up, check your odometer reading and make a note of it
  • Before your first trip, get your unique driver ID number from your manager and have it handy for when you get gas
  • Swipe the card that is assigned to your vehicle, enter the odometer reading, enter your driver ID number, then fill the tank 
  • Just swipe and go

What should I do if I have trouble at the pump using my fleet card?

Most transactions go without a hitch, but if you ever do have a problem with your WEX fleet card, just call the customer service number on the back of your card. 

What about receipts and record-keeping with my gas card?

By using a fleet gas card, all of the fueling receipt information and record-keeping is done automatically for your company. The information about your fuel purchases goes directly to a computer center for processing. Your company will have access to monthly vehicle analysis reports, detailing all purchases. It shows where you bought fuel, the time, the vehicle’s odometer reading, and what you bought. It also provides other valuable information, especially cost per mile and miles per gallon. That’s why accurate odometer readings are important. But the program only works if you use the fleet card for every fill-up and type in accurate information every time. 

Are gas cards tied to the driver or to the vehicle?

Each vehicle in your company is assigned a card. Each card has your company’s account number, the vehicle card number, and an expiration date. While the card is tied to the vehicle, the personal ID each individual driver uses ties the purchase to the driver.

Can I use my fleet card to buy things other than gas?

Some companies provide their drivers with fleet cards that cover a variety of travel items besides just gas. 

If your fleet manager has chosen to use the card for service and maintenance purchases they’ll direct you to your company’s preferred service brands. Your company can set spending limits and limit what you purchase with the card. 

A service transaction works a lot like a fuel transaction: you can use the card for tires, parts, oil changes, and more. The service station attendant may ask you for some basic information, like your plate number, when you go to make such purchases. This information will allow them to process the transaction. Then the attendant will swipe your card in the card reader, or call our customer service department for authorization. You’ll need to give your driver ID number and odometer reading to the customer service representative or key it into the phone for approval. Then you’re on your way. As with fuel purchases, your company will be able to obtain detailed reports about your service or maintenance purchases.

Your company may decide not to provide access to these products. It’s up to your company’s fleet manager to set fueling and service policies. If the card says “fuel only” in the lower right corner, it has been formatted to only be used for fuel purchases.

How should I store my fleet card?

To protect the card from damage, keep the card in a safe place inside the card holder provided. Don’t put it near a magnet, and try not to scratch the black stripe on the back. It’s also a good idea not to leave it on the dashboard in direct sunlight. 

How does my personal ID number work on my gas card?

Your personal drivers ID number identifies you as the authorized fuel purchaser, and you’ll use it every time you fill up. Your driver ID number has been set up in the system and sent to your company’s fleet contact person. Make sure you obtain your driver ID number before you start fueling. If you enter an invalid ID number, or do not have the number, you won’t be able to charge fuel. 

How can I help prevent fraud with my gas card?

Here are a few simple precautions to help prevent fraud: 

  • Avoid giving your driver ID to anyone 
  • Do not keep the card and your driver ID number together
  • Do not write your driver ID number on the card 
  • Do not leave the card or receipts out in the open 
  • If a card is lost, stolen, or damaged, report it immediately to your fleet manager or supervisor 

Your supervisor has the ability to then deactivate the card so no fraudulent charges can occur. 

Is there a guide to help me when I first start using the gas card?

There is a driver guide provided with each WEX fleet card to help you initiate use of your card. The first couple of times you make a purchase, refer to the guide. It guides you through the steps of making a purchase. It’s as simple as these four steps:

  • Swipe your card 
  • Enter your odometer reading 
  • Enter your personal ID number 
  • Fill up the tank. 

Remember, you always have the WEX toll-free customer service number to rely on during any transaction.

The WEX fleet card will provide your company with valuable information, so remember to use it every time you purchase gas at work.

All fleet cards are not the same, and different types of fuel cards suit the needs of different kinds and sizes of businesses. View WEX’s fleet card comparison chart to see which fleet fuel card is right for you. 

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