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benefits administration implementation

5 tips for a successful benefits administration implementation

September 8, 2022
by Danielle Kamp

Whether you’re switching to a new benefits administration provider or outsourcing benefits administration for the first time, implementation can be intimidating. Here are five tips on how to have a successful benefits administration implementation.

Make a plan with your new provider

Developing the best benefits experience for your employees should be the main focus of your new provider’s implementation team. Take a close look at your current benefits administration situation and work with your implementation team on ways to make your benefits plans and processes more efficient and beneficial for you and your employees. Sharing your current pain points and being very clear about your benefits administration needs and goals with your team will lead to a much smoother implementation.

Communicate changes

Notify your internal departments (payroll, HRIS, IT, communications/marketing, etc.) about the upcoming implementation, especially if this is your first time outsourcing benefits administration. One of the most complicated implementation steps is data-gathering, so you’ll want to give everyone plenty of time to collect all the data needed. Accurate and complete data on current benefits plans, rates, eligibility, etc., is crucial in creating a successful benefits platform experience.

A customizable and flexible solution

Benefits needs are constantly changing, so it’s important to work with a benefits system that is highly configurable and flexible right from the start of implementation. And your benefits administration provider should be able to build off the processes you already have in place instead of starting from scratch, while also offering their expertise on creating a benefits platform unique to your company.

A team that sticks with you

Your implementation team should be there for you for every step of the process, with personalized service and dedication to meeting you and your employees’ benefits enrollment needs. And saving you time, resources, and money along the way. To create a benefits system that is specifically tailored and the best fit for your company, it’s important to work with the same team of individuals throughout the implementation process. Working with the same individuals for planning, data-gathering, configuration, testing, and going live will give you confidence in knowing you have a team that truly knows and understands your implementation journey.

Let your provider do the heavy lifting

One of the main reasons companies choose benefits administration outsourcing is because they don’t have the time or capability to handle all of the tasks involved. The implementation process shouldn’t be any different. Let your provider do the heavy lifting when it comes to implementation. Now is the time for you to focus on what you want to achieve with your new benefits system. Let your provider bring your benefits goals to life.

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