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How to craft a successful employee benefits engagement strategy

March 19, 2024

In our ever-changing workplace, the importance of employee benefits is always a topic of conversation. The challenge lies not just in offering comprehensive benefits, but in ensuring that employees understand and appreciate the value these perks bring to their lives. Shifting the mindset of employees from confusion and uncertainty about their benefits to feeling empowered by their decisions requires a thoughtful employee benefits engagement strategy.

There are many ways to approach creating an effective benefits engagement strategy that promotes awareness and understanding among employees. Here are some key tips to consider.

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Educational resources and guidance

One of the main components of a successful benefits engagement strategy is providing employees with educational resources and guidance. This support can help them navigate the complex landscape of benefits, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health, retirement, and other needs. Offering workshops, webinars, and easy-to-understand materials can go a long way in empowering employees to see the true value of their benefits.

Year-round benefits communication

Benefits communication should not be a once-a-year event during open enrollment. Instead, it should be a continuous and year-round effort. Regular communication helps keep employees informed about their benefits, updates, and any changes in policies. By maintaining an ongoing dialogue, employees are more likely to understand and appreciate the full spectrum of their benefits. In fact, there’s a saying that people need to hear a message at least seven times before they’ll be motivated to take action.

To gain further insight into the most successful measures in shifting employee mindsets, we surveyed our employer and consultant advisory board members. 27% of respondents identified clear and consistent communication as a key factor in ensuring employees are well-informed about their benefits throughout the year.

User-friendly platforms

Simplifying benefits enrollment is crucial for encouraging active participation from employees. User-friendly platforms help ensure that navigating through benefit options is a seamless experience for your employees. The easier it is for employees to access and understand their benefits, the more likely they are to engage with and appreciate the offerings.

Personalized messaging

Every employee is unique, with different needs and preferences. 53% of our employer and advisory board respondents highlighted the importance of personalized benefits education when it comes to improving benefits engagement. If you tailor benefits to individual employees through personalized messaging, it can significantly enhance engagement. If you provide personalized information that resonates with each individual, you’ll encourage employees to take an active interest in their benefits.

Leveraging technology

It’s no surprise that technology plays a pivotal role in benefits engagement. Employers should leverage technology to streamline the enrollment process and make information easily accessible. From interactive mobile apps to digital benefits portals, incorporating technology ensures that employees not only understand the value of their benefits but can actively participate in improving their financial wellness.

Overcome the benefits engagement barrier

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