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NDT powered by WEX

How our non-discrimination testing solution supports partners

May 24, 2022

Non-discrimination testing (NDT) can be complex to navigate, which means that having a simple-to-use testing solution is critical. Introducing NDT powered by WEX, now available (for an additional cost) to all our partners to help their employees stay compliant. 

What is NDT?

Non-discrimination testing (NDT) shows whether or not your tax-advantaged cafeteria plans are discriminating in favor of highly compensated employees or key employees. The IRS requires employers who offer pre-tax benefits to employees to provide them in a way that does not favor highly compensated individuals or those who are otherwise key to the business.

Plans covered and tests included in NDT powered by WEX

NDT powered by WEX is available for the following plans: cafeteria, medical FSA, dependent care FSA, health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), and self-insured medical plans (SIMPs). The following tests are available for each plan:

The beauty of NDT powered by WEX is that all of these options are self-service, meaning you can administer tests at your own convenience on behalf of employers or you can give employers direct access and allow them to run tests on their own.  

New features incoming 

NDT powered by WEX includes a few new features available to partners that enhance the user experience, provide more customization options, and simplifies the entire NDT experience from beginning to end. Some of the exciting new features include: 

  • Custom branding
  • Employer setup
  • Access management
  • Employer self-service 
  • Testing on behalf of employers
  • Access to input files, testing and results history for all employers
  • Employer summary reporting
  • Compliance maintenance

NDT powered by WEX is now available to Partners! This new solution is a subscription-based, self-service suite of tests and is a standalone tool available to anyone with NDT needs. 

Staying in compliance doesn’t have to be another thorn in your side. NDT powered by WEX allows you to save time and run tests at your own convenience. Interested in getting started? Reach out to your partner account executive!

Want to learn more? Listen to our Benefits podcast episode or check out our infographic below.

non-discrimination testing

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