With WEX ClearView, fleets of all sizes can use their fueling data to manage their budgets and improve fleet performance.

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WEX ClearView products give you quick, actionable insights into your fleet's spending behaviors. We collect, combine and display complex purchasing data in straightforward and compelling charts and graphs that give you the information you need to better understand and manage your fleet and your budget.

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ClearView products provide a range of solutions for fleets of all sizes.

Easily track Key Performance Indicators over time
ClearView assembles your fleet data into compelling visuals—simple, concise charts and graphs that help you view and track fleet-specific metrics, cost saving opportunities and overall fleet activity.

Deliberately focus your attention where it’s needed most
Because you can track fleet purchases by fuel type, gallons purchased, prices and expenditures, you can quickly spot and prioritize which problems and behaviors need to be addressed first.

Accurately forecast and budget fleet expenses
When you can accurately assess your fleet’s current overspending, you can identify savings opportunities to streamline your budgeting process and improve your forecast accuracy.

Specifically identify purchasing anomalies and card misuse
Having a complete picture of fleet activities allows you to quickly spot overspending drivers and transactions that warrant further investigation.

Analytics Options

Analytics Options

With three analytics solutions—ClearView Snap, Essentials or Advanced—you'll get the data and features that are right for your fleet.

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Analytics Options

Success Stories

Read how fleet managers used ClearView to manage expenses and modify driver behavior.

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What is ClearView? ClearView is the newest tool to help fleet managers better understand every aspect of their operations, letting them easily see actionable trends in a sea of data.

Designed for Our Customers: See how WEX developed the data visualization tool ClearView in consultation with the managers of some of the nation’s largest and most mission-critical fleets.


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