Now fuel any vehicle with the acceptance, control and support you expect from WEX.

Does your business use a mix of heavy trucks, vans, sedans and other vehicles?
WEX Cross Roads is the one-card fueling solution at retail sites and truck stops.

  • Acceptance: Fuel anywhere, with 160,000+ fueling sites in our network.
  • Savings: Enjoy support for “better of” cost plus/retail minus pricing.
  • Management: Track all your fuel spend, regardless of vehicle type.
  • Control: 99.8% Level III data capture and custom spending controls help you beat fraud and misuse.
  • Support: Our U.S.-based customer service reps are always ready, 24/7.

Cross Roads offers the security and control of WEX’s proprietary closed-loop network in a single solution for combined retail and truck stop fueling.

See why thousands of U.S. businesses fuel with WEX every day: competitive pricing, integrated reporting, industry-leading cost controls, wide acceptance, and the best customer support in the business.

Cross Roads for mixed fleets

Ready to Limit Exposure, Increase Control?

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