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Three ways fleet mobile apps can improve your day-to-day operations

Posted October 12, 2022


As a fleet manager, there’s never a dull moment and little time to spare. Identifying ways to increase your fleet’s efficiency might feel a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s difficult to find the minor kinks that impact the larger overall picture and even harder to address them, but working them out will benefit your fleet long-term.

If your goal is to improve day-to-day fleet operations without sacrificing time, quality — or money — fleet mobile apps can arm you and your drivers with convenient solutions designed to simplify your day. Easily accessible fleet mobile apps are usually included with your fleet card program.

Getting started is simple. Eighty-nine percent of fleet managers say they use smartphones on the job and 73% say they use tablets, so taking advantage of fleet mobile apps should be quick and easy with the devices you and your drivers already use.

Three key uses for use fleet mobile apps

1. Pay at the pump

Easy in, easy out. There’s no reason for your drivers to physically enter a fueling station to complete a transaction. Fleet mobile apps, such as DriverDash, allow drivers to make payments from their mobile device without hassle, while you still get the detailed transaction-level data included with your fleet card. Security is not compromised; rather, it’s increased. Paying for gas with a fleet mobile app virtually eliminates card-skimming concerns. Additionally, drivers are required to enter specific prompts and complete authorizations via biometrics from their mobile device. Saving those steps from the pump to the register (both literally and figuratively) in turn saves time, allowing your drivers to get back on the road quicker.

There’s also incentive for drivers to complete transactions with a fleet mobile app. They can link to their loyalty program accounts to collect points and rewards from the stations they frequent most without impacting your company’s bottom line.

2. Find the lowest priced fuel at nearby locations

Ever finished fueling up at a gas station only to notice that one across the street is significantly less expensive? It happens all the time, and there’s a way to avoid these frustrations. Fleet mobile apps, such as WEX Connect, allow drivers to find the cheapest nearby fuel. Drivers can search by lowest price, brand, distance, or location to make the most out of their route to the fueling station. Fleet mobile apps provide drivers with directions to the lowest priced fuel stations, diesel, E85, regular and CNG, and save the locations for future use on an easily accessible virtual map.

With many fleets transitioning from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE) to electric vehicles (EVs), WEX Connect now displays nearby EV charging stations. Drivers can filter for the more than 66,000 ChargePoint stations across the U.S., ensuring an EV charge is as easy to find as fuel.

3. Control your fleet card account from the palm of your hand

Fleet mobile apps aren’t just for drivers. Fleet managers can complete myriad administrative tasks through a mobile device, such as making payments, checking available credit, tracking spending, and managing cards. Fleet mobile apps, like Fleet SmartHub, mirror the administrative tasks you can complete with a desktop or laptop online, allowing you to manage your fleet from anywhere.

You and your drivers likely already have mobile devices, and the advantages of fleet mobile apps are just a simple search and download away.

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