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Telematics 101: the Basics and Benefits for Fleets

Posted November 19, 2019


From OTR trucking to local delivery fleets, telematics can improve fleet productivity and safety while helping to optimize assets and processes. Telematics empowers fleet managers to analyze data and make critical adjustments in real-time. In this blog, we’ll cover the basics and key benefits so that you can determine if telematics is right for your fleet 


What is Telematics? 

Wikipedia says that a fleet telematics system (FTS)“…allows the information exchange between a commercial vehicle fleet and their central authority, i.e., the dispatching office. Wikipedia’s definition is accuratebut we also like to think of telematics as a powerful ally like Knight Rider’s car, KITT, or Iron Man’s onboard assistant, JarvisThe tracking units can be self-installed with easy-to-follow instructions, or by a certified third-party installerAnd once your fleet is equipped, the benefits become immediately clear 


Key Benefits

The benefits and capabilities of telematics are as ever-expanding as the data collected - and there is an immense amount of data collected. To be useful for fleet managers, this data requires expert analysis that is quickly translated into easily digestible dashboards and reports. WEX’s ClearView Analytics and Reporting provides up to 25 customizable reports that provide invaluable insight for the fleet managerThese reports reveal trends and anomalies in real-time so the fleet manager can quickly and easily identify solutions. The benefits are expansive.

Fleet Safety Benefits

  1. Monitor driver behavior (i.e. excessive accelerating/braking, speeding, etc.) 
  2. Receive hazardous weather and traffic alerts 
  3. Use gamification to encourage safer driving habits 

Fleet Optimization Benefits

  1. Fuel consumption and MPG reporting  
  2. Identify fueling stations with lowest costs 
  3. Capitalize on savings with Stop Detail and Idling Report 

Fleet Productivity Benefits 

  1. Real-time location tracking  
  2. Track routine fleet vehicle maintenance with Service Report 
  3. Real-time fleet performance and vehicle operating conditions  

Fleet Compliance Benefits

  1. Activity alerts (i.e. driving during off-hours, geofence violations, excessive speeding, etc.) 
  2. Begin/end-of-day report 
  3. Emissions and maintenance reporting 


WEX Fleet solutions are scalable and can help with management no matter the size of the fleetFor smaller fleets, WEX fuel cards can help uncover immediate savings. Fleet managers can continue to grow savings as their fleet grows by adding WEX Telematics and GPS Tracking along with ClearView Analytics and Reporting. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of WEX Telematics, please visit us here. 





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