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2022 limits for FSA, commuter benefits, and more announced

Posted November 10, 2021


The IRS released 2022 contribution limits for medical flexible spending accounts (medical FSAs), commuter benefits, and more as part of RP-2021-45. An increased FSA carryover for 2022 was also announced. 

2022 medical FSA contribution limits (also applies to limited and combination FSAs)

2021 2022
$2,750 per year $2,850 per year


The 2022 medical FSA contribution limit will be $2,850, which is up $100 from last year.

2022 FSA carryover limits

2021 2022
$550 per year $570 per year


The 2022 FSA carryover is $570 per year, which is up $20 from 2021. 

Please note: Under the CAA, employers are allowed, but not required, to permit the following for either or both of medical and dependent care FSAs: 

  • Carryover of all unused funds from plan year ending in 2021 to plan year ending in 2022.

2022 commuter benefits contribution limits

2021 2022
$270 per month $280 per month


The monthly commuter benefits limit in 2022 for mass transit and parking is $280. 

2022 adoption assistance limits

2021 2022
$14,400 per year $14,890 per year

The maximum amount that may be excluded from an employee’s gross income for the adoption of a special needs child through an adoption assistance program is $14,890. That amount is the same as what may be excluded from that employee’s gross income for expenses incurred by an employer for qualified adoption expenses within the program.

2022 qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement (QSEHRA) limits

QSEHRA 2021 2022
Self-only $5,300 per year $5,450 per year
Family $10,700 per year $11,050 per year

Employer contribution limits for QSEHRAs are $5,450 for self-only and $11,050 for families. 

Previously announced
2022 health savings account (HSA) limits

HSA 2021 2022
Self-only $3,600 per year $3,650 per year
Family $7,200 per year $7,300 per year

2022 HSA contribution limits were previously announced by the IRS. The limit is $3,650 for an individual and $7,300 for family.

2022 FSA, commuter limits

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